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  1. Okay I have pretty much everything figured out now. Thanks for helping!! Sincerely, Josh Herbert
  2. Fixed it Thanks!! I just need help with offedit for My Server. How do I do that. I entered my server and everytime I use a /mcreate command I get a Message that says you don't have permission to build. So how do I get Amin power for my server?? THanks!!
  3. No. How do I do that? And I have Apologized for Double Posting!!
  4. I am refurring to The Wiki about HTTP Url. http://development.mtasa.com/index.php? ... sted_files I am getting A Download Request Error 9. It says that I need 2 Have something accessible from the internet. http://development.mtasa.com/index.php? ... web_server I tried my hardest to configure everything in my server/mods/deathmatch/ folder. But I just cant get my server 2 work. If there is A way how this can be more explainable. (Unlike the Wiki help Download Error 9 Section) That would be great. Thanks Guys. Josh Herbert
  5. I never knew I made three of em. Srry. Internet typo I guess. My Bad. Wikki is not helping!!
  6. Okay, I have been playing MTA:DM for over four weeks. And now I am unable to connect to barely any servers. Including Mine! If I try to Connect to my server. I get a Message saying Resource Download error 9 or what ever. Please help me on this ASAP. I know no one in here does not read the help forums. But plz help!! Thanks! Sincerely, TheJMaster06
  7. Well I am signed in to my own server and every time I try 2 use the off edit codes. It wont work. So IDK how I can get that 2 work.
  8. I did that I don't know how to get offedit to work in the game. I click Map Editor Preview and It say's "Map Editor Recourse Not Installed."
  9. Ok: 1. To fix falling in the beginning, set posZ a little higher. 2. There is event "onPlayerWasted". Just like you handled "onPlayerJoin" you should handle wasted, only remove some join thingies and add some death thingies. 3. I would suggest to also make it create it from names. Command for that is HERE. 4. Nice, jetpacks!! 5. I would suggest looking for a map editor in the RESOURCES LIST. (examples: Medit, alternate map editor of offedit) 6. Then we understand why you asked it. I think I'm going to make a big tutorial for Lua, since we would like to avoid questions like these. But i
  10. Okay. So Here is My update on my New Server, When I log on to the server. I am starting off falling into the Same Position as always. When I die, It does not auto re spawn. <- What Scripts do I need to Fix that? I have also Made A Vehicle script. When U type in /create vehicle ID# U can spawn what ever car ID when U want. And I have finally added the /jet pack command in too. So I can fly around in the Jet Pack. All I need to know is How do I script out for Map Spawning, Buildings And Weapons. Thanks for helping me guys. PS. I am still a Beginner at Scripting and NO I have not scri
  11. lol. I fixed it!! I typed the Wrong lol!
  12. I got it. Thanks! I am just working on Scripts now if U wanna help me with that.
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