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  1. Heyo everyone, I was playing a bit around with the analog control states, since you can bind them on Peds (NPC's) aswell. However, I'm kindof missing some control names "handbrake", "horn", "vehicle_fire", "vehicle_secondary_fire", "enter_exit"... Are they coming in the future maybe? Or is there any other way I can record my inputs and make a Ped do them afterwards? ~ Greets. //EDIT: Also, will it maybe be possible to allow SetCameraTarget on vehicles / peds?
  2. Simple: To prevent vehicles from explode. Or atleast make "onVehicleExplode" cancleable, so it doesn't explode on cancel. ~ Greetings.
  3. Perhaps it is possible to keep the max name length. But: ColorCodes don't take space of the length. (the example name is just an example!) E.g.: /OxR\Headshot = Name length of 13 chars /OxR\#33FF99Head#FF9933shot = Name length of 27 Simply allowing one colorcode per char, so it doesn't look like this afterwards: /OxR\#33FF99#FF9933#C3FD4D#CCFFDD... Or atleast taking the last colorcode ~ Greetings.
  4. Exactly that! Thank you denny ^^ But still, I don't know how to unload it correctly
  5. Objects get deleted fine, already did that. I said, the Functions are still running
  6. I'm doing wrappers and all that kindof stuff already, but the functions still exist and run (e.g. flying meteors of Unseen Galaxy)
  7. I still can't get the unloading to work... Though my method seems crap, cause (as I said) the music and stuff of all players would get restarted
  8. Mh... I already thought about doing one resource as a temporary script-cache, but if that one would get started, every player would get those scripts loaded...
  9. I'm trying to create a training gamemode, like on TG. It is working so far, every script of the map get's loaded and started successful. But it fails at stopping it. Though there is no function to stop everything inside the whole loaded script (xy = loadstring(FILE_TEXT)) and not everything get's unloaded on nil-ling the loadstring variable, I wanted to ask if there is some other way to achieve loading and saving the scripts? Greetings, Pe/\/duluM
  10. Are you using this in the race script? Cause then you have to use "_getPlayerName(player)". The getPlayerName function get's changed to "remove the color codes"
  11. A bit of coding knowledge and you would know, that if you just remove the "songOn" variable check and set, it should actually work for every map.
  12. No, I mean guiInputSetEnabled But thank you for the quick answer!
  13. Ok, that works. But my gui window is a bit too small and when I click the checkbox, it wont show. Is there any way I can keep my gui window size but have the checkbox shown? So that the items show out of the window?
  14. Whenever I type something with "t" in my edit box, it opens the chat. How to prevent that?
  15. I have some news panel script but everytime I try to access the dropdown button of the combobox, nothing happens? Code: SNIP
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