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  1. LalaGirl

    how to?

    How to install costum infernus lights? anyone can recommend nice lights package?
  2. LalaGirl

    How to

    i dont have meta..
  3. LalaGirl

    How to

    How i can install the infernus mod and wheels if those dont have meta.xml
  4. solved, i found it was in gamemodes the folder, but idk how it going to server fixed
  5. i dont even know this, and even dont know where did it come from it isnt in [race]/ maps
  6. im going ingame now im admin and registaion works, if this map starts, i go admin panel change gamemode and then race back and starting a another DM map then server works, but this rob bank stucking my server
  7. How to remove this thing, or idk what is this, i dont even have it in maps ... idk where it camed. This crashing my game
  8. Moderator of this forum sayd same i very hope it will work. 1.3 Thanks to you too
  9. this can be a reason of /register??
  10. hello I have big problem ingame with /register If i go ingame and type /register test112 pass112 then nothing happends , the server script dosent register it. and if i do /login test112 and 112 its says unkknow account for test112... I cannot realse the server if register dosent work... and one thing more.. if comes votemap then i have there a map robb bank but i dont even have it and if server starts with this map or someone vote it server will crashh... please help And my hosting company dosent provide scripting issues
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