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  1. in an earlier post I said GF was wrong about the model of the MAD MAX car... I was the one that was wrong . I was sitting here sorting threw my DVDs and I looked up at my MAD MAX Wall Poster (it has all 3 of the 4-doors in it) anyway, I remembered that Max's Interceptor has a 351 Cleveland in it just as does "The Last V8". They are both GT's just one is a '74 and one is a '73. (oh and the obvious 2-door and 4-door models). A screenie of them both, forgive the quality its and OnBoard GFX card. Just info, its "The Big Boppers PURSUIT" car that isn't a GT and the other "Interceptor" (The March Hare) its not even a XB is a '72 XA. /me: damn to much info, now they know I'm a nut /me sub-conscious: ixna on the typa and jump out the window this time, its faster.
  2. mmm, Sorry GF, Thats a Ford Falcon XB Sedan (probably a 1974, no one knows for sure. The REAL one has been missing since the late 70's) . Max's "Last V8" is the XB GT, to be precise its a 1973 XB GT Ford Falcon Coupe. (/me: Crap think they know I'm a MadMax fanatic? /me-subconscious: naw, just act casual and back out of the room slowly)
  3. I burned up my GFX card. I guess it's been alittle to long since I overclocked one. Anyway, I'll be getting one next week. I cant update the SM Website till my host resets it but I'm having a tough time getting them to do it. My password doesnt work anymore so I think the "hag" change it on me. Soon I'll been on the servers again, letting the "SM" get seen alot at night and making the n00bs go " " with my Airborne Anarchy. Get them begging to join the Masters again.
  4. I got a PC agian (not my old one, sucks) I'll be on tonight and I'll update the webpage this weekend. I gotta go though all my CDs and see what I have backed up and what I don't. Hope to see ya online. AHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh! I'm jones'n for a MTA fix!!
  5. Thx guys, I'll be on soon. I know where my game rig is and I'm going to get it monday night, so I'll be playing soon. I found a new job too, hehe, get that bank roll flowing again. I'll pop on IRC when I get my rig home.
  6. Sorry for posting twice but I didnt feel right to end the last post with this...... Is goooood to be back! I missed jamming and stunting with you guys
  7. Guess Who's Back?? Ok, first things first...SOMEONE PLEASE DELETE THAT BITCH MS HELLFIRE'S ACCT AND POSTS!!!! I was NOT in the middle east and I am NOT a member of any millitary group. I simply asked her to tell you guys I was going tobe gone for a bit but I was not quitting and would be back (she owed me that much) but when i told her not to tell anyone why and just make up something I never dreamed she would go that far. THAT BITCH IS PSYCHOTIC!!! I am SOOooooooo SORRY that she did this to you guys. Here is the history in a nutshell... Remember the Ducati she gave me? The very same bike that got me stuck down south for abit on my B-day...(I should have saw it then). Anyway, about a week or so after that I got popped for possesion of a stolen vehicle, yep it was HOT. To make a long story short...( I know its long already, sorry) she wouldnt give up who she got the bike from, so the last thing I did before I went in was drop kicked the bitch to the curb. I didnt know that she had keys made for my apt and while I was doing pushups for entertainment, she damn near cleaned me out. Took my TV, both PC's (games and shit too) and about 1/2 of my DVD's. Christ she drank all my beer and emptied my frig too!! Never fear...what comes around, goes around. The pendulum swings back her way next week.
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MTA!!!! Just wanna say thx for all the fun & new friends you've given me for the past 8 months. I started playing GTA:MTA but never got into the Forums till I started playing MTA:VC and I've been hooked ever since. Also thx to you guys I got back into building Websites and GFX, hell, I never would have got into stunting and Filming/Editing movies if it wasnt for MTA:VC. I cant wait to see what you have for us in the future. "Hooked for Life"
  9. Is he talking about "Leaning Left/Right" or "Rotating Left/Right" ? If its Rotating then just use the "Look Left/Right" keys works great for me.
  10. I loved it, great work on syncing it. Stunts were not up to par but the comedy more than made up for it. Only have 1 problem with it... "The First Vice City Music Video" ?!? We all know its NOT the 1st dude. In "Upbeat" you lacked personal style and now your lacking class. NUF SAID
  11. For those of you in the States you'll get a laugh from this one... More to come...
  12. Here is a couple of quick Mini Banners... I got a few more on my HD at work, I'll post them tomorrow & I'll make some full size banners soon.
  13. I'd sell just about everything I own...Give all but $1000 to the WTC Police and Firefighter Relief Fund. Then get on my Harley and ride for as long as I can.
  14. WELCOME TO MTA guys, see ya in the killing fields. rjerina, if you read his first post you would know he and his clan are new to MTA. They dont know yet that the Hunters weapons are NOT linked yet. Instead of posting the above you should have just let him now that also.
  15. I got pretty much the same view as Slothman, I did however like the pacing. The song was a good choice, it had many audio cues but the audio syncing should have been constistant through out the video. Slothman, you can, there is NEW SHIT out there (nudge, nudge, wink, wink...sorry couldnt resist guys )
  16. ............ I think he means How to get rid of the Camera Hack, yamm. Mine just deleted with now problem...wait that was an older version. I'll look into it when I get home, I've got the new version installed on my PC.
  17. LOL, do you have any idea just how many "basketcased" PCJ's I have in my back yard from trying to break my own record? I'm thinking of opening up a used bike parts shop. Call me if you need parts but be quick if you need any front end parts. (They tend not to survive the failed AP Ramp attempts) Anyway, I'll be back breaking reacord soon, I'm working hard on xerox's stunt vid. I dont like the idea of a prize it might bring more people in to the comp but I also think it will bring in the RIFF-RAFF if you know what I mean. Prokopis, got me thinking on something....All the records have been held by PCJ stunters....why not split the comp in to a few categories. ex. PCJ Records (will always be the best of the best) Infernus/Ring Racer Records (why both?? One is front wheel drive and one is rear wheel) and mabey choose a Set Car for a 2 Wheel Distance Record.
  18. mmmm looking at the Pics you posted, I would guess that MTA has a problem with the NAMEs in the Dir Path. ex. "\Grand.Theft.Auto.Vice.City.[KAOS]\" Might just be it doesnt know how to read the "." or "[", so it cant get past it to see if the "dll" is really there or not.
  19. Both have been done and as a matter of fact, the location of your 1st screenshot is where I broke the WORLD HEIGHT JUMP RECORD.
  20. /me looks around "er, gotta go...gotta rabbit to chase or something..."
  21. yes its very easy to fix..... REINSTALL THE GAME DUMBASS!!! nuf said, someone LOCK this thing already, before he embarrasses himself more
  22. Sweet new title page, I love the shaking ENTER, lol. Good work on it.
  23. but did ya do it on a "PCG" ?
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