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  1. hey freddy, you are my hero, it worked and its working
  2. so i have to make sure that ma private ip is equal to that ip, which is in my router settings ? thanks a lot btw add me on skype fetko.tamas for further questions
  3. Hey guys, i need your help because my server ruined itself, literally.. I have one of those servers that you run on pc and others can connect, probably dedicated server idk how it´s called. My server was running for good 6 months, i have my ports opened, and they are still opened for 100% sure, but today i tried to run my server again, everything was fine nananana, and then my friend told me that his connection timed out, i wrote "openports" in that black server window and it told me that 22003, 22005 and 22126 are closed. I opened my router settings and ports are opened, what´s wrong, please
  4. okey, and how can i edit it ?? displayWGui or something like that ??
  5. Hey guys.. I am not newbie i have already made 3 servers, 2 are running and one is not but althought i am not good at scripting... sooo, can someone help me and explain to me how can i make som resources work just for admins ?? for example : i have a basich handling editor, but i do not want to normal players use it, only admins, so HOW ?? please help thanks
  6. fetko

    *possibilities :D*

    Hey guys, i have server with gamemode play/freeroam, and i want to add there a fun map (Battle v2 by superm@n) so the question is... Is there any possible way to activate pickups from race gamemode(nitro, repair, car change etc...) in play ?? if yes, how can i do it ?? and why does shooting missiles from car doesnt work ?? some help pls
  7. thanks i have done it yet but pls help with those scripts
  8. ok, i understand those examples but i am kinda noob.. i want to use it with this resource http://community.multitheftauto.com/ind ... ails&id=71 so can anybody tell me how ? what and where should i write ??
  9. ok, first two problems solved but the third, where should i put isObjectInACLGroup ??? in the script or to the acl.xml ?? i don´t get it help
  10. fetko


    hey guys, i accidentaly uninstalled MTA sa with my dedicated server is there any way to get my data back ?? please help i am going to kill my self
  11. Hey guys, i need help.. I have my own server, (no 24/7) but it has few problems.. 1st. HTML color codes, when u press tab a small window opens and there are not colors in names but codes, in chat too 2nd.I have made few maps in one location and the fps there is sh*tty low 3rd.How can i make few resources work just for admins not for players ?? please help me, thx
  12. fetko

    *few questions*

    Hey guys, i have my server done about 10 mins ago and it´s running fine, friends can connesct BUT... i need help How can i restrict some resources to players (default) and allow to use the resource only admins... In few locations on map EVERYONE(not just my) have sh*tty low fps... !there are few maps in that location! and the last.. Can SOMEONE recommend to me some GOOD-WORKING login panel with play as guest function ?? Thanks a lot for help, server is already running byt not 24/7 but in case u´ll be bored try this IP : - few real cars, lot of funny stuff, drag, drift, r
  13. thanks i haven´t had time since last post but now i´m fully working on it btw what´s that with port ??
  14. okey okey.. i found it but i´m not very good at english and even not in programming but here is my router http://portforward.com/english/routers/ ... tguide.htm what should i put into private IP, private and public port ?? and protocol type ? both ?
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