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  1. I'll try disable all resources.
  2. I've closed and started server and still same problem.Resource started but does not hide crosshair.
  3. But still crosshair shows up.
  4. <meta> <info author="marston" name="chc" version="1.0.0" type="script" /> <script src="client.lua" type="client" /> </meta>
  5. but still does not hide crosshair
  6. addEventHandler ( "onPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), crosshairhide ) function crosshairhide ( text ) showPlayerHudComponent ( source, "crosshair", false ) setTimer ( crosshairhide, 1, 1, "." ) end this is my first script but does not work.I know scm(cleo language for gta sa) and visual basic but I dont understand lua language :C what is wrong with my script?
  7. change weapon.dat or something like that should do the trick
  8. I've looked for weapon propietes but cant understand.I'm new at lua. Can anyone script that and send to me?
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