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  1. No, it was an example. It wasn't my error.
  2. Look, if i declare these functions (with the events): function onPlayerSpawn() setElementData(source, "databaseid", charSelected) -- charSelected is declared when you select the character you want to use from your character list. end function onPlayerQuit() outputChatBox(getElementData(source, "databaseid")) end When a player quits, the outputChatBox shows "false". EDIT: I tested it again and it works. Excuse me. Thanks so much!
  3. Lol... have you read my post? I tried it but the var "id" returns false!
  4. BanNsS1

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    ¿Dónde ves en el script la condición que él pidió?
  5. How can i getElementData onPlayerQuit? On player spawn the server updates the database and set "online" = 1 to the player who spawn. I would like that on player quit the server updates the database and set online to 0. To do it i've to get the character DATABASE ID which sets as a ElementData. When i try to getElementData(thePlayer, "databaseid") in the event onPlayerQuit it returns false. How can i do?
  6. You saw that on community? It's impossible. I created it and is a private resource. There are different points to buy cars. Depending the site you try to buy, will appear some other vehicles, planes or boats. DP: If you saw that on "community" give me the URL.
  7. BanNsS1

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    lvltgreja = createObject ( 980, 2497.2998046875, 2773.3994140625, 12.600001335144, 0, 0, 90) function opendoor(thePlayer) if (getElementData(thePlayer, "equipo") == idDelEquipoQueLaPuedeAbrir) then ------ Que pongo en Id el nombre del equipo?¿ moveObject (lvltgreja, 2000, 2497.2998046875, 2773.3994140625, 5.600001335144, 0, 0, 0) end end addCommandHandler("lvltgreja", opendoor, true) function closedoor(thePlayer) if (getElementData(thePlayer, "equipo") == idDelEquipoQueLaPuedeAbrir) then ------ Que pongo en Id el nombre del equipo?¿ moveObject (lvltgreja, 2000, 2497.2
  8. Sorry i didn't know that there is a forum only for resources.
  9. Thanks, im going to see the function getScreenFromWorldPosition and if it isnt what i would, i'll see these resource. Thanks tapl and thanks crystalMv
  10. I realised the reason. When the car is stopped, the sound of the engine is so low. When a new sound is played for the element vehicle it gets first the vehicle volume and then the playSound volume.
  11. Are there any func to create a text in some pos of the world (as a pickup)? I saw dxDrawText() but is it to draw a screen text, really? Thanks.
  12. BanNsS1

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    si usas setElementData(thePlayer, "equipo", idequipo) al ralizar el spawn (que es lo que yo hago): te serviria con añadir esta condición al ejecutar el comando: if (getElementData(thePlayer, "equipo") == idDelEquipoQueLaPuedeAbrir) then dejando el código así. -- Esto seria una function para el cliente. function abrirReja(thePlayer) if (getElementData(thePlayer, "equipo") == idDelEquipoQueLaPuedeAbrir) then --ejecutar código aqui: moveObject... end end addCommandHandler("abrir", abrirReja, true) Sino usas setElementData() y usas setPlayerTeam( ) sería lo mismo pero
  13. ¿What do u think about? Exclusive by and for Perla RP.
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