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  1. Can't seem to edit my post, but here is version with some fixes (deleted previous) https://www.dropbox.com/s/ewo67zmjnl2ixo7/IWFMD3.zip?dl=0 Screenshots:
  2. Download link for I wanna find my destiny 3: Good luck with the challenge https://www.dropbox.com/s/yi7u2blsassmg27/IWFMD3.7z?dl=0
  3. Fixed the problem by /stop freeroam in the map editor. Thank you anyway.
  4. Hi, i'm creating a race map and just want to create a little trolling script where people teleport somewhere else when they write "delete map" in the chat. The problem: I usually work in the map editor / local server and if I write "delete map" I get a debugmessage ("what the :O"). If I write "delete map" in a hosted server of a friend it does work and teleport me. My questions: why the script works different and can I make it work in the map editor somehow? function memestars(text, element) if string.match(text, "delete map") then if isElement(element) and getElementTy
  5. Thanks, I had this problem with all my maps due exporting .dff's wrong (Benox showed me what settings I frelled up). This could be a nice backdoor fix without having to change anything in the map itself.
  6. download https://www.dropbox.com/s/ix7d23uycf0ih ... 2.rar?dl=0 It are 2 challenging obstacle courses with moving objects you have to pass, won't post a preview video because playing (and trying to finish it) is probaly more fun without knowing the map. ~ duration if you don't fail is around 3 minutes ~ average duration on first try is probaly over 15 minutes (unless you cheat your way to the finish ) one preview screenshot
  7. you make model in 3ds max and texture it with pictures with M button (and make "GTA Material" --> "import your own pic"). You only export .dff and .col file using KAM script. You have to create the .txd file with "txdworkshop" and give the pictures in "txdworkshop" tesame name as attached to your .dff (which is the name of the file). Then use script to import your .dff, .col and .txd over an excisting model. done!
  8. Here an example map with an animated custom model: https://mega.co.nz/#!gtgyGYTK!myxYYBMmk ... ECUP9QE5Gg
  9. I think you need to convert it to a 3DS max model. Then export 3DS max model to .dff en .col using Kam's script.
  10. probaly it loads several .txd / images (with alpha channel) in a row creating some kind of moving texture. To make this work you need some kind of script, that load all those images in a row. I put the scripts from some maps and a resource into 1 folder, you can look into the scripts and see if you can figure it out. All maps got moving textures. I remove map and meta file because idk if author want to share. https://mega.co.nz/#!Bh41UCia!QMwrIRBwB ... A30cgW-70g
  11. with gta sa material I watched your tutorial I think you mean this?: How can I make a .txd out of my texture? I try use alpha but all goes invisible. I dont understand what you mean
  12. Im trying to make a custom object with a transparant texture. I have seen player and water models being transparant so I thought it would be possible with custom models as well. so the goal is have an object like this into the editor: I tried several things but they both failed in the end: 1» create transparant .png in photoshop and use it as model in 3DS (original texture and transparant textures uploaded here: http://speedy.sh/xYPAF/glass.zip) 2» change opacity in 3DS of material attached to .dff (tried this with original and transparant texture) converting my .png into a .txd I tri
  13. oh, gravity was 0 by default in my MTA editor somehow. reuploaded like 15 maps now because they all had same bug lol
  14. The map is pretty close to the beach - you can even see it at some point, also the same bug occurs in maps that are build within san andreas itself. Some people watched into map files but nothing special either... and I suppose it can't be something with the server because on default settings it even happens. The bug doesn't occur in the MTA map editor, it only happens on servers...
  15. hello I have the following problems with some of my maps: whenever the race start some people - specially the late joiners - all leviate. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/832/flybug.png/ This picture is on a homehost server but on one of the bigger race servers same problem, and only my maps. this also occurs in maps w/o custom .lua and scripts anyone know a fix for this?
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