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  1. It doesn't implies to you as you don't follow rules so lets see what others see
  2. Well as title says insults should be allowed on mta forum, not big but small ones like "idiot","stupid" because in real life we all hear insults all day and here we can't even call someone noob.People should grow up and little insults should be allowed.What you say? Also don't ban for negative comments, if someone has started a stupid project we should be allowed to say "it sucks" " work hard dont be lazy"... criticism encourages people to work harder so we should allowed to at least criticize
  3. you blind? its written clearly, loading of file server-id failed upload it then try..... I suggest you use gameservers than vps since you can't setup.ITS TOO HARD trust me
  4. i think minecarft is not that good tht it should be bring over mta
  5. ._. Your post defines you! , useless
  6. its bugged , the guy couldn't even provided proper download link.I suggest use valhalla and start modifying it, cant get players with any default scripts.
  7. They just giving host by buying cheap vps. My friend bought his server and it crashes everytime they reach 20+ players. They have user friendly control panel but you are not going far without providing good servers. Still if you are not expecting much players, then its good start for you.
  8. I did expected something dumb like this from you. I know you are having hard time with your everlasting roleplay but mysql server? There are already lots of websites which provide free mysql servers and they are good too. They have control panel and other facilities.
  9. This server is spamming and faking other servers by starting new servers and redirecting it to his server. Fake servers IP: They have these servers redirecting to their server ( Multi Theft Auto Roleplay) RootGaming Roleplay SubZero Roleplay Bayside Roleplay (Spanish) Valhalla Roleplay Shodown Roleplay Twingold Roleplay Gta chile zombiemod Fort Carson Roleplay Island Roleplay Skyline Roleplay ALL SERVERS GETTING REDIRECTED TO Overload is there owner aka Matthew Ello I talked with their owner and he was like and he threatened me to ban
  10. This is just shodown roleplay script and you edited client side only and changed location to fort carson which anyone can by changing x y z..If you are going to release a gamemode atleast add some new features not just edit client side... Adding factions to gamemode isn't scripting.Its like playing the game. stop being an idiot really
  11. Will script for admin rights for free.Private message me
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