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  1. Yeah, Ped's Behavior to attack everybody Zombie servers
  2. xNova

    Very low FPS

    Great to see that other people can use this too.
  3. xNova


    I'm waiting for your Tuts <3
  4. Hey, did you tried to upgrade things on your PC?
  5. xNova

    Very low FPS

    Great! Only crashing in Shooter arena.
  6. xNova

    Very low FPS

    http://pastebin.com/yM3EdK8Z Enjoy!
  7. xNova

    Very low FPS

    Hey, Its really upgraded. Now its 20-50 and while playing 30-50 pls if you know more things that i can install.. Then pls
  8. xNova

    RPG vs Roleplay

    AHm, To be honestly. Servers like saes "RPG" is more RP then newbie RP servers. In the RP servers they like it to ruin RP and ruining the server. You can't ruin RPG and there are some really RP groups. My apologies for the bad grammar.
  9. Maybe if you support this idea i can try to solve it for you. ( Teamviewer )
  10. yeah 12 min after i made this post "FIXXED" ;p But thanks <#
  11. Maybe upgrade your drivers? You can check my topic called "Low FPS"
  12. xNova

    Very low FPS

    Installing it now!
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