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  1. mira en google sobre eso y te lo explica bien.
  2. Hace siglos que no entro a MTA pero AsuS me ha enviado este post y bueno, ya que estoy paso el programa. El programa lo hice hace un huevo de tiempo y supongo que sigue funcionando bien. Paso el código porque supongo que no puedo pasar links externos en el foro. http://pastebin.com/cbUsBnDc Esta en C++ a si que para compilarlo vas a necesitas visual studio 2013 o 2015 o cualquier otro pero VS es el mejor. También supongo que no hace falta explicar como va, simplemente cuando lo tengas ábrelo y sigue las instrucciones y prueba algún IDE e IPL, se genera si mal no recuerdo un archivo donde hace una array donde almacena todos los .dff y .txd con sus colisiones y LODS correspondientes y además un archivo lua donde va el mapeado de todos los objetos del IPL. Importar todo esto sin modificaciones en el código de MTA va a provocar unos pocos bugs de modelos, por eso le metí un pequeño sistema de LODS para evitar los máximos errores posibles. Denada
  3. Tonyx97


    There is no way, sorry.
  4. Hello community! I've been researching in MTA Blue where the spawn ped was but I couldn't find it anywhere... I only want to spawn a ped, anyone knows the function and asm struct? Thanks in advance.
  5. It finally works correctly, thanks you ixfj so much for your time really A little question, what was the difference between you told me and the new code? I mean the "dereferencing" of an address like *(DWORD*).
  6. I've tested this and doesn't work, first of all the condition doesn't work aswell it gives me 26 if I don't use DWORD first = mem.Read<DWORD>(0xB6F5F0); if (mem.Read<byte> (first + 0x46C) == 1) this gives me 1 if I'm on car, and when I press the key the car doesn't switch the state, what is going on?
  7. This is whole function http://gyazo.com/5607514fb13062d1323ceff512f09af3 And I call it here http://gyazo.com/ac16750ab5272b671212929174944766 (this is obviously in while loop)
  8. This is so weird because I'm using CE to get values as byte and the values I got on my program are the same as I got in CE and when I try to switch engine state the game crashes.
  9. EDIT: Okey, I can get values correctly now http://gyazo.com/7966e542708ddcda6230980e0f21eb30 I pass from 4 bytes directly to byte value. I'll try if this works on GTA.
  10. mem.Read<byte>(0xB6F5F0 + 0x58C); -> CPed + Vehicle = 24 mem.Read<byte>(0xB6F5F0 + 0x46C); -> CPed + Check = 1
  11. Yea I tested it that it give me 24, Should I use that value as dwThis or dwInterface? Because I tested it and the game crashes.
  12. Thanks for the info sbx, I've been researching Interfaces classes and I know that the interface is m_pInterface and the funcs are SetInterface and GetInterface. I've been looking for createVehicle function which (I suppose) that contains the _asm function where dwReturn is the Interface of that vehicle ( SetInterface(dwReturn) ) but I didn't find the function, where is it located at source?
  13. Hello community! I tried to use this code to switch on/off a car in GTA:SA. void SwitchEngine(bool bStat) { DWORD dwThis = (DWORD)0; DWORD dwEngineOn = (DWORD)bStat; DWORD dwFunc = 0x41BDD0; _asm { mov ecx, dwThis push dwEngineOn call dwFunc } } When I adapted this to my code I supposed that this will fail because the car has to be specified and I don't know what values are dwInterface to use on dwThis. I suppose this variable contains my own car instance but if I'm in GTA:SA, What value does dwThis be? Thanks in advance.
  14. You can see what scripts I made http://forum.mtasa.com/viewtopic.php?f=108&t=82023 if YOU ARE interested, then add me and I'll share pics.
  15. Hi community, long time ago with no posting here. I came here to offer my scripting skills on MTA as cheapest as I can offer. I make the most kind of scripts bout RPG, RP, MySQL etc... If you are interested in some script/scripts even Gamemode, contact with me in skype: fenix-tonyx97 or in Steam: Tonyx97 - Juan Deag. Thanks for read. PS: I won't ask for "high" prices because I'm scripting for more than 6 years and I'll try to sell scripts cheapest possible. I also have more than 200+ scripts of RPG, RP in total already done by myself.
  16. I still can see the full text when I put alpha if render target on true. I don't know anything about this dx mechanic, so I don't have any conclusions about this issue...
  17. I tried your steps JR but I didn't get it... in this image http://gyazo.com/13bf30d452c051438817a2919bbf94c2 I put the box over the text like I want, when I change the dxCreateRenderTarget alpha to true the text is still shown. Here the little code: target = dxCreateRenderTarget ( 100, 100, false ) function onClientRendere () dxSetRenderTarget (target, true) dxDrawText ( "TEEEEEEEEEEEEEST", 500, 550, 500, 500, tocolor(255,255,255,255), 2, "sans", "left", "center", false, false, true, false ) dxSetRenderTarget() dxSetBlendMode("modulate_add") dxDrawImageSection(650, 500, 50, 50, 0, 0, 50, 50, target, 0, 0, 0, tocolor(255,255,255,255), true) dxSetBlendMode("blend") end addEventHandler ("onClientRender", getRootElement(), onClientRendere)
  18. Yes, it's I saw it in a script but I want to re-script it to my way, I don't find exactly the part of the code...
  19. Hi guys, I need a solution for this problem, I'll show you a image where you can see the issue explained better than If I text it. http://gyazo.com/6f5ee8b58f530b252a685c9957ecf8f6 Thanks for read.
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