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  1. sockz

    [Help] scripts codes

    I'm amazed you care so much, they can steal client scripts only, wow. And when you decompile them, it'll become half broken. Again you show interest in the most dumbest things.
  2. Canceling my server. I've used up 1/3 of my time I bought (10 days out of 30) because of waiting for responses in the tickets I submitted. Then I get a response I have to download a FPS software to edit files(when this should be possible via ucp) and wait like 7 days to get myself a database for the server. waste of time, 10 days thrown away because of nothing. I take my recommendation back.
  3. Notepad++ > CTRL F > search in files
  4. sockz

    please help me

    What were you thining when you used getElementPosition and then used that position with attachElements?
  5. How much would you pay? add my skype: xitozrogitox
  6. You can try by deleting the 'player' argument in line #1 or just post the full code, which you trigger with this.
  7. sockz

    Ped kill...

    can't you? http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/OnC ... tealthKill The staff's attitude towards me is incredible hostile, it sickens me.
  8. sockz

    Walking Styles

    setPedWalkingStyle was removed to due handful of bugs. However you can try your way with setPedAnimation and onClientKey like: function setmyWalk(button, press) if (press) then if button == 'w' then setPedAnimation ( source, "ped", "WOMAN_walknorm") outputDebugString(' wbutton pressed ') else setPedAnimation(source,false) outputDebugString(' wbutton released ') end end end addEventHandler("onClientKey", root, setmyWalk)
  9. @Orange, your server is also roleplay, isn't it? you bringing the "old times" back is highly unlikely. You're simply joining the new era. This new era is '2012', enjoy the new generation of scumbags. Also the flaming part is mostly because no one likes idiots or slow people, therefore, if you dont understand what this 'rude person' means, he'll become even more angry/irritated with you. No offence to anyone, but that's the truth. Here's another example, catchy words and phrases. Such as "giant hormone fest", you just lit the fire right there. And another one, and this is because it's true
  10. sockz

    Ped kill...

    function cancelpedkills(vPed) if getElementType ( vPed ) == "ped" then cancelEvent() end end addEventHandler("onClientPlayerStealthKill", localPlayer, cancelpedkills)
  11. viewtopic.php?f=108&t=45676 This gamemode includes that, but it includes mysql, you'll have to edit some of it.
  12. Then why would you include non-trolling posts?
  13. ^no guiCheckBoxGetSelected guiCheckBoxSetSelected
  14. replace the function in s_account.lua with this function attemptRegister(thePlayer, username, password) if ( username ~= "" and password ~= "" ) then local success, error = exports.sql:query_free("INSERT INTO `accounts` VALUES('', '".. tostring(username) .."', '".. md5( tostring( password ) ) .."', '".. getPlayerSerial(thePlayer) .."', '0','0')") if ( error ) then return outputDebugString( error ) else return outputChatBox("Successfully registered your account!", thePlayer, 100, 0, 100) end end end
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