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    try amm = tonumber(amm)
  2. make function that returns mysql connection variable and export this function.
  3. Тут 2 варианта: использовать redirectPlayer и ставить таймер скажем на 5 сек. Если он приконнектился на сервер, то работаем. И второй вариант logIn. Если зашел под аккаунт, то работаем.
  4. try to make elements on client side and see what's happened
  5. just use setHelicopterRotorSpeed( theHeli, 0.2)
  6. lcd12321


    because onClientMarkerHit doesn't send seat
  7. lcd12321


    how to make handbrake. I mean if vehicle have big angle and handbrake is off vehicle must move. Sry for bad english
  8. try to addeventhandler on all client events and see what events will trigger
  9. if in hands m4 i want to sprint like with pistol
  10. try to add timer and there check
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