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  1. Awesome, thanks Kent. THis would be a good thing to put in the Wiki. Also, a chart of all the Vehicle Names -> vehicle IDs would be pretty helpful
  2. The smugglers run map has 2 different type of spawnpoint vehicles, the helecopters and those cars. How was this done? As far as I can tell there can only be one type of vehicle on the spawnpoints. Thanks.
  3. looks like he was paused to me. also you didnt take any damage either.
  4. it would probably be quite trivial to hack the client to return the correct checksum to trick the server.
  5. i dont think you were banned you were probably just kicked. at least i dont remember banning you.
  6. the problem with tabbing out and going to the bathroom is your ping shoots to phenomenal heights, so you were probably banned for that to keep u from comin back. just PM me your ip and ill unban.
  7. This is the last time on my server. You can see he quit and was not banned. JOIN: 'Ronin', PlayerID = 8 (62.xx.xx.xx) ---> Ronin: ? ---> Ronin: great one ---> Ronin: I will be back in 5 QUIT: 'Ronin', PlayerID = 8
  8. if 2 or more people say someone is cheating i just take their word i dont have time to go in and check out every single person people think they are cheating. its unfortunate that some innocents may get ban but I rather have an innocent get banned here and there than to have cheaters get away. how do you spell is name i dont se any Ronan or ronan in my log. I see him as Ronin but I dont see him as being banned.
  9. If u timeout on goons u r in the same subnet as a cheater. if u PM me your IP I will unban u (provided your IP dont change) but I am not letting cheaters back in (unbanning subnets)
  10. Try goons lemme know what happens.
  11. Well GhostA attacked my server. He came in, I banned him within MTA, then I banned the WRONG SUBNET. Not realizing this i went away and came back and he was attacking, blocked the correct subnet... luckily not many too people on the server crashed out but some did. GhostA is australian, his subnet is = through He also uses the name "Unknown". Between DRuG clan, VGT clan, and GhostA I think its time to block Australia in its entirety.
  12. Asspalmer


    That high ping kicker script has problems. as soon as u connect to a server there usually is a short period (like 1 second) where your ping is very high while your connection stabalizes. hence it kicks alot of people people with very low pings just cuz their ping is high right when they connect. which is why i removed it from my server. maybe soemone can fix it.
  13. ya ive been aware of Drug for some time now.... australian hack/mod group. they r a bunch of pricks.
  14. I just did a refresh of the servers and I see this guy on 19 different ones all at the same time! What the hell is he doing? Inquiring minds.... I sometimes see him with a VCG tag, most of the times without... Also sometimes there is an XP2 on the same server as him, sometimes not. He never says anything, but I remember someone saying he was a cheater in another thread, so he's been banned from mine for a while... but still, why would someone be on 19 different servers simultaneously?
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