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  1. no , i making teleports and i want coordinates for places
  2. as title says "how to save coordinates while playing"
  3. RedDead

    License mod

    hello guys , i want a mod witch make all cars locked and theres a place to learn driving if the drive was successful he get a license and drive cars
  4. i want a mod witch play on a music while all players playing after download
  5. as you were using it in the image. thats not me lol
  6. i dont mean the map just the defense mod I didn't give you map, i give you the gamemode that include the Police Shield. ok , how can i use the shield ?
  7. i dont mean the map just the defense mod
  8. the mod is police holds that to defend himself I want this mod
  9. thanks i will try it now
  10. is there a mod witch save your skin , money , weapons , and the last place you'er visited ? i want this mod for a roleplay server please answer fast i really need it
  11. i want roleplay rules script like if you join , after downloading the rules show up and theres "i accept" "i dont accept" if accept , the player can play , if no the player will logoff from the server automatically
  12. i'v downloaded a class chooser and i dont want the player,spawn where he putted in the script i want to make my own players , spawn point client.lua x, y = guiGetScreenSize() x2 = 2511.3748 * x y2 = y - -1668.2717 * y x3 = 13.5635* x y3 = y - 91.8790 * y skinsTable = { } function onClientResourceStart(startedResource) if startedResource == getThisResource() then triggerServerEvent("getSettings", root) setElementData(localPlayer, "alive", false) end end addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", root, onClientResourceStart) function sendSettings(fr
  13. RedDead


    any tutorial for how to make a simple teleport (with mark not command /command) ?
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