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  1. So whats the fix? Must I define thePlayer or something, I'm confused.
  2. Simple short code not working. (Server Sided) function getInterior ( thePlayer ) if ( getElementInterior( thePlayer ) == 0 ) then outputChatBox ( "Yes you are outside ", thePlayer ) else outputChatBox ( "No you aren't outside ", thePlayer ) end end addEventHandler("onResourceStart",getRootElement(),getInterior)
  3. I've ordered a rasberry pi! Can't wait I'm sure you can run an MTA server on it just use the linux server.
  4. Thats a joke right? SSD RAID? 256GB RAM? 24+ Cores.... You must be having a laugh? Not even google uses these kinds of specs! This would cost you probably $5,000 a month! False advertising much? if this was true i'd love to see some proof...
  5. Triple Posting... Seems legit! Dude just get the fudge out of here seriously stop wasting your time
  6. Anyone ever noticed, That all of these shitty hosting companies are run by 1 guy? Shuhanker? He runs delighttechworld also known as Tidewave so many nick names. This is just funny seriously dude.....
  7. Robbster


    It was in no way backstabbing, You simply didn't understand the situation I was on so you can't really know the full story. People are probably getting the wrong idea ^^. Anyway we solved the issue and were all staff again.
  8. Robbster


    Scripts given through skype
  9. Robbster


    Urm.. Your making no sense
  10. Robbster


    Did i say i'd sell yours? No
  11. Robbster


    No, Your fault for not making a backup. Hope you learned your lesson!
  12. Robbster


    Thats a donation, in no way a service, and with Jacks money i used it all for the host due to prices increased
  13. Robbster


    I'll be selling the game mode to a buyer, But i'll only sell the scripts which I have rights too which are everything that Jay made, because I payed Jay