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  1. I wonder how databasing works in MTA.Without using sql base system,a piece of code can let you store informations.For example this one : node = xmlLoadFile ("users.xml") function playerLogin (thePreviousAccount, theCurrentAccount, autoLogin) if not (isGuestAccount (getPlayerAccount (source))) then local accountData = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-money") if (accountData) then local playerMoney = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-money") local playerSkin = getAccountData (theCurrentAccount, "funmodev2-skin") local playerX =
  2. thank you bro..i'm gonna modifie it.
  3. i wanna see blip icon when a player dies on map..And he'll stay as dead.How can i do that?(by the way blip icon id is 22).Thanks!
  4. Rijat

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    i understand what you mean but this is a public script.i try but i can not solve the problems because i still haven t seen where the problem is
  5. Rijat

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    I've two questions about this script http://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=252 1-)when i buy a car,it spawns but its locked how can we fix it? 2-)in this script when car is exploded its not gonna respawn again.i want it to respawn and i wanna create an owning system.it means when you buy a car,it should be added car-list for example and it will be always yours not until it exploses.how can i do that? thanks for your answers!
  6. i ve other files too.this is not a single lua,it works with another files.i just copied this because in mtaserver.exe it says there's something wrong with this one.as i see it will be harder to fix as i thought hahah.scripting is complex.what should i do then
  7. i got a ammunation script.but it doesn t work.i mean i can see the blip on map and i can enter ammunation shop.and there s a marker in ammonuation shop,no problem here.but when i get to marker for buy some gun,nothing happens.and this is writing in mta server.exe= "ERROR: interiorexp.lua:121: attempt to index field '?' a nil value" i'm gonna send you the 121. line of the script.its here : local targetInterior = interiors[getResourceFromName(resource) or getThisResource()][id][oppositeType] here is the full file : local interiors = {} local interiorMarkers = {} local resourc
  8. Thanks Callum and other guys.I ve tried this resource before but it didn t seem realistic.For example i throw molotow coctails to free cars on the street they are burning and exploding but nothing happens after that.But as i said thanks,i'm gonna get this script as i want,at least i'll try .
  9. Im looking for wanted level script same with gta sn andreas.Please share with me if you have..Thanks guys!
  10. oh dude.i checked a lot but i didn t find them anywhere.thanks for them ,i m gonna check now
  11. Nowadays i'm working on scripting job-scripts.but unfortunately i doesn t know enough for scripting complex scripts.Can anybody give me job scripts?It doesn t have to be perfect.i just wanna learn its logic and make my own way.Please share with me,i m waiting over here.Thanks!!
  12. axel i ve tried to use this script too.but it has problems.i logged in and get the marker that for buy a car,but my money has just gone and nothing happened except writing"car id:550" and "you bought a savanna".i loose money but i don t get the car.fix it please.thanks.
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