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  1. Ssorry i do not understand. How do i give permission 777 ? http://www.stadtaus.com/en/tutorials/ch ... ssions.php http://www.phpjunkyard.com/tutorials/ft ... torial.php done that. Nothing changed
  2. Ssorry i do not understand. How do i give permission 777 ?
  3. And they are there, They where working fine on when i was hosting it on my PC but now ive got a host.
  4. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/96/resourcesy.png/ error : [ [13:06:19] ERROR: Couldn't find resource map-system error : [12:06:23] ERROR: Couldn't find resource gate-system.
  5. i did. there is nothing wrong with the resources they worked on my server a couple of days ago.
  6. says its cant find it but im looking at it right now. Its in the resources folder.
  7. I added the resources into the ACL and MTASERVER.config the resources : gate-system , map-system but when i try to refresh it in game it says " resource not found " and they are in there i have checked like 10 times. Is there anywhere else where i need to add the resources into ?
  8. Okay i changed all the mysql and all that and added the linux modules the interiors are all there but when u type in your login and password nothing happens. Please help
  9. How do i add custom skins into my server? So everyone can see but only admins can spawn them ( /setskin [id] [skin id] )
  10. Hey Ive noticed you have posted twice of the same topic, I will give you 128 slots, FTP, control panel, support, unlimited bandwidth, no limit storage (for ur game server(s) only), 1000Mb/s networking speed. This for just $8.96 per month You wouldn't find cheaper anywhere else Linux or windows ? And whats ur website.
  11. everyone jaysds1 is the best! he fixed it
  12. its says we were not able to ping your router , your port is not open or reachable! I did it right. Please can u teamviewer me.
  13. Yep its turned off.. I think its those ports u told me to delete. i cant delete them it says they are in use but they aint.. I closed mta server and it still says it...
  14. i done that and the ports are still closed... wtf...
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