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  1. I've been having this problem too, my case was that the map name had spaces and it couldn't read it when I relogged, might be for you too, if you have spaces in your map name, replace them with "_", it might work.
  2. The problem was that for some reason my MTA or MTA in general can't load maps who have space(s) in their name. I replaced the spaces with "_" and it works perfectly fine. Thank you for trying to help though.
  3. Hey, I've been having this problem for ages now. After I finish working on a map and save it everything is alright and it does save in a folder with the right objects and everything. But then when I try to load it, it doesn't appear on the load list. Its not for just one map but for all of them. The only maps I can currently load are the default MTA:SA maps. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  4. Gotcha', thanks, you may lock this.
  5. I've been playing on my own server lately just to better understand how MTA: San Andreas works and many times after shooting for a while, I ended up having more bullets but not being able to use them as if I was needed to reload the gun. Anyone knows what am I supposed to do when that happens?
  6. Yeah, it is. Alright then, thank you everyone, you may lock and archive this.
  7. Awesome it works, thank you! I really like the fact you can drive by as a driver here and also that you can go back in the vehicle simply without bugging out. Just one thing, it says I can press 'q' and 'e' to switch between weapons but when I press it it doesn't change the weapon I'm holding even though I have more than one on me and I both of them are compatible with this resource. (I'm trying to switch to ak47) EDIT: I can switch between weapons but for some reason any weapon that is in slot 4+ (which is compatible with this resource) doesn't work for me. E.g AK47, M4, Minigun and more. Anyone knows what may be the problem?
  8. I'd say, lack of effort. I mean seriously man, building this whole fancy area as an exterior and then leaving the interior like that empty with only the boxing ring in it? How about a dinning area? Gym? Cells?
  9. It is bad, atleast in my opinion. I'm sorry I just don't like it at all, it doesn't fit roleplay servers, that's for sure. I would be more constructive but you really didn't do anything here but fencing the whole area with electric fences and placing some cones here and there.
  10. Hello everyone, I'm fairly new to MTA and I know this question might sound nooby but I'll go ahead and ask it anyway. So I'm used to be able to drive-by = shoot while being in a vehicle. Now when I joined MTA after trying some things out I realized I cannot do that here, atleast not in the way I'm used to. So my question is, can I drive by on MTA? If so, what weapons can I use and how do I do that? p.s - It might not be the correct place to ask general questions about MTA but I didn't find any other forum I can post it at so I just posted it here, please move it to the correct section if its not this one.
  11. הצלחנו, תודה לכל מי שעזר, עכשיו מה שנשאר זה רק להספים. שבוע טוב לכולם.
  12. Just be patient and let someone else do that. I'm sure someone will make a multiplayer for that. But don't look forward for that too much because it will take a lot of time until they'll actually have a stable multiplayer for GTA V like we have here for San Andreas. And even then, the community there won't be too big as not a lot of people can run GTA V.
  13. I'm surprised this hasn't been opened yet. I know lots of people from my country who speak Hebrew and would love to have that section here. I'm not sure I could get enough people to actually read and respond to this thread but I'll try to. Please keep this open for a while, I'm pretty sure we'll get enough requests. Thanks.
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