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  1. Slide


    This offer is still going on ... and to not let people get a Wrong understanding then: if you Want more then 20 Slots then the Payment For Extra Slots will be $0.10 Each Extra Slot going from the 20 you allready have.
  2. Slide


    Hello Guys Yeah as some of the People have Said i have stopped Hosting MTA Servers and is no longer Offering this Service Regards Slide
  3. Of Course does it not include a Domain you will need to buy it separately
  4. Are people interested ??
  5. Hello guys this is my I'm planning for a very big idea almoste a hole game mode as I want it to contain allot of scripts If u want to work in this very big project I would be glad to get a pm from that person(s). Just want to say that I'm planning to pay a big amount of money for a complete game mode I'm also putting a server (hosted) to service so if u preffear to script online u can do that Amount of money I'm planning to pay somthing between 80- 100$
  6. Data files: http://code.google.com/p/mtasa-blue/downloads/list Resource files: http://code.google.com/p/mtasa-resources/downloads/list
  7. Well I was talking about txd/dff files Simple answer and it's not possible
  8. Slide


    Well there is no problem as soildersnake14 says. But I think I know what you want you want to play the sound to hole server instead of you only just change distance (100) to a bigger value Or take a look here setSoundMaxDistance
  9. Well if you mean to put Like a new swat skin to replace old ( example ) Then is not possible to not have a download cus the server is having a file who may be bigge Than the original one or smaller or even other kind of Data in it. Client will always have to download... So the answer is no I don't think it's possible but hope is still there may come
  10. You can edit the time if you want http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ls&id=3198
  11. @Remi-X keep up the good work hope you success with more cleo mods Thank you
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