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  1. Oh sorry, found my problem. I guess it was just the bounds
  2. Hello. I've got fucked up by creating [DM] map. I used toolbox and everything was great untill.. I create object vgshseing27 and when i click it and want to copy by pressing 'C' it copies somewhere.. Not on top of the right object, but somewhere in the sea. So i made a ramp from that vgshseing27 object that i put in the first place, but when i off to test, i don't see the ramp.. I tried to re-install MTA, but the same problem.. I think it's the Toolbox's problem... So anyway i need help .
  3. Hello. Is there any script to make car shining without enb series? And is there a water shader, water would look like realistic too.. If there is, i want help how to make them
  4. Race gamemode auto enables/disables blur when a map is started. You must disable blur on race gamemode settings ( meta.xml ) or edit gamemode to stop doing that. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Ok if im using it for just test map and when i start testing first time the blur is off, but when i stop testing and testing again the blur is on again
  6. I tried it... When turn on nos i still get it.. Where do i have to put it if im creating [DM] map
  7. Umm i hate that thing : when i activate nitrous, i get blur screen, theres no blur on samp when u activate nitrous, on mta there is...
  8. Hello, i want to setPlayerBlurLevel to 0 when i activate nitrous on any vehicle, cuz i hate that bloom screen when i activate nitro.. So i want to turn it off. Any script helps?
  9. Where do i thave to put it? Im not scripting in MTA
  10. Yes, i will purchase wirlles router for faster internet, downloads and etc.
  11. [T]itsDr.Symka


    Hello. How do i fix my screen to go smooth like on SA-MP? When i turn nitro on, the screen goes like you turn nitro on GTA SA.. How do i make smooth screen while i turn on nitro?
  12. Like my problem is Mobile broadband connection. I've uninstalled it and everything is perfect but no network! D:
  13. Well, i've kinda don't understand.. Anyway my laptop just has 2 attached devices like : Logitech mouse Mobile broadband connection 3 modem
  14. Hello, i've got a huge problem with my pc. Every 30 secs. - 1 min. everythings freezing for 0.5 sec., games minimizing, so i cant play them normally. Sometimes a white message on all screen apears : Interactive services detection The problem is no longer requesting attention. The message might have been one that required no action, such as a quick status notification. Windows will notify you if the problem reappears. RETURN (button) If you know the problem, so please help me!
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