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  1. Is that hard? Im not good at scripting D:
  2. @SolidSnake14 I am using freeroam I think, the one where you can just mess about
  3. I was just wondering if there is anyway to make vehicles not dissapear when you log out? For example my mate makes a car, is there anyway for it to stay there even if he logs out? Also, anyway for it to stay if I turn the server off?? Thanks
  4. Thank you so much for all your help both of you I finally have it working!!! Once again, thanks )
  5. It's alreay on freeroam, it says: "" But when I change the max vehicles and banned weapons, I start the server and it automatically erases the settings I've changed and puts them back to what they were before D: How do I stop this ??
  6. When I change the settings in the "fr_server" when I turn the server on it reverts the things I've changed back to default? How do I stop this D:
  7. @Solidsnake14 EDIT Where do I go to specifically ban the Minigun and no other guns? If you can do that.
  8. I was just wondering if 1) Can you increase the player vehicle limit from 2? For example, when I spawn 2 cars, if I try to spawn a 3rd one the first one dissapears. 2) Is there anyway to ban vehicles/weapons, for example if I don't want the minigun to be usable, is there anyway to ban it?? Thanks
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