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    Textdraw (?)

    I'm a bit confused, what function should I use If I want to draw text on the screen?
  2. Yes, thanks. One more question: Is there any option to remove defualt GTA SA objects from the map?
  3. I want to be able to create and place objects in-game.
  4. Anyone knows about an in-game MTA object editor? I mean to intergrate it with my own gamemode, and people actually can move and set objects on the map while in-game, as in SA-MP filterscript (IG objects editor) Thanks.
  5. Uh, thanks. I thought there is a built-in function.
  6. How can I check if the vehicle is a motor-vehicle? Thanks.
  7. Hi, I'd like to know if there is any function to check when's the player aiming towards another player. Thanks.
  8. Nadav

    MTA Server ports

    Suppose I want to change the port of my MTA Server, what keys should I edit in the configration to get it work properly?
  9. Hello, Is there a possibility to set MTA Server port to 8888, or 7777, for example? So far I have seen MTA servers use 230XX ports, so I wonder what's the correct ports range to use when setting up a server, and ofcourse how should I set it in my server confirgration. Thanks.
  10. I had this problem before. Bad memories. You'll probably get these grapichs in all of DirectX games. Are you running on HDD with Windows that has been installed on another computer before or installed a new grapichs card? Basically the thing is that you've installed a driver for your video card on an existing incompatible driver. There are two solutions: 1- Detect what's the wrong driver and uninstall it. 2- Boot your machine, reinstall all drivers. IMO in this case this is the best thing to do, so you won't face other problems in the future. Maybe I'm wrong and I didn't face the exact pro
  11. What are those other stuff to make it look decent?
  12. This function's input is INT, I want to set it as float.
  13. Thank you. How can I set player's gamespeed? (or anyway slowing down his sprint speed to 0.7 / float)
  14. Well, okay. I think I'll just detect when's the player running and then slow his gamespeed to 0.7 So, how can I do it?
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