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  1. Proof that there is a way ... One person change: S It does not tell me how he should not go into the MTA files?
  2. Hi, I do not know if this is the place to post but good. Well, I just want to know "how to change country MTA San Andreas 1.3" Why: Simply because being insulted because you're French ... It is very heavy, there are other internal reason, thank you to answer me as soon as possible: S. - Sincerely, Monster ' EDIT : - I add that this is possible a person from France 10 minutes ago, is now Slovakia ......
  3. Basically, I was not going to pay anything! So take a good thing for her, get 5 euros each week, it's huge. Just for the computer! And for the week / month, on the spot I did not blunder done!
  4. They will pay the same, it's just that I know your money at home, so I would not compare. ^ ^ '
  5. I'm a beginner ... His surprise me that I can do it: S Can you help me? Do you have teamviewer and skype?
  6. This is not a gang that I want, but a system of "clan" x ')
  7. I am willing to pay a scripteur, which I advise you?
  8. I will try to follow her, but it does not respond to my request. Know, I'm a beginner. How do you want me to do a system as requested?
  9. Hello young people! Today, I ask you a resource that I can not find! I'm looking everywhere, nothing! This resource is to create clans on a server MTA: SA DM / RACE (mode where you have dark hunter ...) In short, do you know where I found her? I would like to request an aditional thing if possible, if not worse time: - Knowing that I have the infernus: Is it possible to have a system to ensure the lines of having a color you want and the rest of the color you want, like on the screen. Then for those who have no clan, they will automatically have all the time and a gray car in clear white line! In short, what then is it possible? Thank you and good day!
  10. Mon$teR


    Bien, c'est parfait sa . Je commanderai bientôt, je n'ai plus de crédit Merci pour cette hébergeur =)
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    Merci, juste une question : - Si on a un ip dynamique et que l'ip du serveur change tout le temps, si on prend votre service celle-ci ne changera plus ?