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  1. client side addEventHandler ( "onClientPlayerDamage",root, function () if getElementData(source,"invincible") then cancelEvent() end end) addEventHandler("onClientPlayerStealthKill",localPlayer, function (targetPlayer) if getElementData(targetPlayer,"invincible") then cancelEvent() end end) server side bstaffteam = createTeam ( "Staff", 255, 255, 255 ) function staff (Player) local account = getPlayerAccount(Player) if (not account or isGuestAccount(account)) then return end local accountName = getAccountName(account
  2. what is the problem now? I was only asking if it is correct...
  3. for _, thePlayer in ipairs (getElementsByType("player")) do local gang = exports [ 'ROADgang' ]:getAccountGang ( getAccountName ( getPlayerAccount ( thePlayer ) ) ) if (gang == "SWAT" ) then setPedStat ( onPlayerSpawn , 24, 200 ) end end do you mean something like this?
  4. why dont you just help the guy , if you cant dont post STFU. blazy@ i think he need it with event onPlayerSpawn. what is the difference?
  5. the video has bad quality but the map is pretty good
  6. actually I really don't like the map, the area changes too often, I don't like also the music taht you've chosen for the vidieo but no matter for this particular.
  7. why dont you just help the guy , if you cant dont post He already helped, read before post these type of things. He hlped me a lot. but i didnt understnd the sentence: "because you didn't show the entire code" this is the entire code
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