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  1. I can do RUSSIAN translation again, since I've already done that long time ago (v. 0,2-0,3 I think).
  2. Looks good. The bandwith usage is not that important 'couse it will run on 100 Mbit network whith ANY bandwith usage. How about moving the counter to 90 %?
  3. Just wondering, but IS "GTA3"'s map really bigger then "VC"'s?
  4. fj5000


    Yes, you apparently don't have unicode support. Most non-latin based alfabets requare unicode. BTW, I could also help in translating to Russian when the new core is out. Also, will the First Time User Guide for the version 0,4 requare rewriting? Or will it be enough with the old 0,2/0,3 guide?
  5. Just wanted to make some things clear. By the way, one char. isn't too bad - the most important thing is the gameplay of new MTA for GTA3, which seems to be more like the real GTA (single) - more intense and fast. More action if you like, and that's great. Maybe one could say: Play VC if you want beauty, more feautures, bigger maps, more freestyle driving, roleplaying etc.. Play GTA3 if you just want to kick some ass! Total concentration to stay alive on a small map with tons of action all the time. No chatting time. No more sunset watching. Get ready to die.
  6. Playground.ru is defenetly one of the best MTA servers for the moment (one of few which actually supports all 26 players). It's ping is also perfect for distance - around 40 ms for me. So don't be so pathetic, TheBoas. By the way, it says that Bob_TDH is from Chicago. Hm, is that really in Russia? And finally: GTA3 will be played in countries of the former USSR, don't worry.
  7. MTA is no longer just a mod. It's a part of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City/GTA3. A part which Rockstar Games never managed to create. By the way, is next version of MTA for GTA3 based on this new core, in other words: does the core have to be ready, so that GTA3 version can be released. Or are they diffirent things?
  8. GTA3's radio is in wave format. Can Winamp save station links as .wav files? Also, it's not nessesory to replace original stations with new ones - this mp3 file with link can be put in game's mp3 folder.
  9. Hm, I'll try this Winamp linking tomorrow. However, do you mean that Winamp actually creates an .mp3 file which is only like 1 second long and only consists of a link? So then Winamp reads the file, it connects to a net location which is given in the file, rather then playing the track from the harddisk? In that case, I doubt that GTA is smart anough to find that Internet link in the file... Or?
  10. Exectly, a LIVE sound is what I was wondering about. "Why fly, when one can walk?" Yes, true, but there is always something people want to try out, even if it's "possible" some other way. Be able to play streaming stations inside of the game then getting inside of the car, and being able to change between real radio stations (if more then one added) with your gamepad would be great. Or just imagine, you get in a car and there is a music, then suddenly the REAL news start. Or even real commercials, 'couse I'm so damn tired of this mother ****** Pogo the Monkey!
  11. Heh, I'm happy someone even understood what I meant : ) . So, yes, is there an easy way to do it?
  12. Yeah, I thought about this for some time now... Is it possible to listen to STREAMING RADIO STATIONS from the net inside of GTA3/VC? I mean, GTA3, for instance, uses .mp3 files to play radio. It there a way to create a file which connects to a specified address on the Internet and then plays music (like a link or a bookmark in Windows Media Player), but which the game can use as an .mp3 file?
  13. fj5000

    GTA3:MTA Poll

    The team will then hopefully release a version, where the server can choose eiher option 1 or 2. Also, boats WILL be a part of MTA some sunny day, because the team can not ignore them forever.
  14. fj5000

    GTA3:MTA Poll

    Well, isn't that true...? : ) (P.S. I voted for second option.)
  15. fj5000

    GTA3:MTA Poll

    Another option is to make a quick release of Option 1-version, and then start working on the next version with both options in it.
  16. fj5000

    GTA3:MTA Poll

    There is no doubt that there shall be all the islands at one time if it all works, but what I wonder is how will this teleport system work? Does this mean that the mass transportation system will be offline (no trains and no metro)? And does this also mean that one will not be able to just drive to another city, but will have to stand in some kind of teleportation field (like the one then one start a mission)? So, if it's not possible to just make it like VC - just driving to a new location over a bridge or underground - then make it Option 1. Another thing is to make it possible to CHOOSE where (on what island) one want to spawn.
  17. Erasing my post was a tactical mistake, however erasing the post of that racist from Estonia was worth that.
  18. Эта тема уже обсуждалась 500 млн. раз. Движок не поддерживает такого количества игроков, т. к. каждый электронно-управляемый чувак тоже считается игроком как и остальные люди на сервере. For you who don't speak Europe's largest language: shut the **** up and stop telling stupid jokes. That makes you all look like uneducated pigs.
  19. I heard sometime ago that there will be only one city...? The loading screens will therefor not be in. However, I wonder one thing: will GTA3's most private function (one of those that DON'T exist in VC at all) - the mass transportation (railroad over Portland and metro) be synced and funtioning in MTA 0.4??
  20. Rule number 2: "Nothing is impossible".
  21. The same thing, then the plane will be added, so will the boats, couse they work the same way on water.
  22. Blokker_1999 wrote: Well, I could disagree, actually. Though, ADSL does use the telephone line, it is not really a dial up connection. It is online 24/7, does not take over the telephone, like modem, and, in my view, can not be compared to good old modem system. Also, ADSL always gives 100 % speed of what is promiced by the ISP, becouse it is not shared with anyone else. On the other hand ADSL has quite low range (how long from the telestation one can live) - the more far away you live, the slower the speed (however it will still be 100 % stable, not like with cable). The VDSL has better range, however it is still quite low compared to others. The speed on VDSL is on the other hand is much higher then on ADSL.
  23. Confirmed. GTA3 is just another version of GTA series. It can not be compared to Vice the way *some people* here do, becouse if has it's own sides which VC just don't. We heard a few ex., here is mine: computer controlled masstransportation. Where is it in Vice City? And the dark, bad atmosthere of GTA3 is more suitable for a Grand Theft Auto game, then some damn party-Miami.
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