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  1. (Little late) But nice job, also nice job on creating a screen shot system.
  2. I like that name to. Also, I never have looked at the Wiki yet, so didn't know that. Thanks for the information!
  3. What's your favorite GTA San Andreas MOD? My favorite is the B-2, or the "Stealth Bomber". Leave a comment saying what your favorite GTA San Andreas MOD is!
  4. Not litterally. On San Andreas Multiplayer they have a lot of Call of Duty servers. My thought of a Call of Duty on Multi Theft Auto would basically almost be: Call of Duty teams, classes, warfare everywhere, tanks, aircraft. I could give you ideas, and suggestions. Plus, I'm on Call of Duty (xbox 360) almost all the time.
  5. If you know or own one, comment. I'd really like a COD DM to play on
  6. Just sent you some requests. :0 Hope you can make them all
  7. I actually think this was a network problem, it's appearing randomly. But, then I just press random buttons, and it some how ends up working.
  8. Thanks man. Also, nice signature layout. Do you think you can get me one? (PM me your response)
  9. Status: Worked STEPS 1. Save map that you made 2. Exit map editor 3. Click "Host a game", or something along those lines (Found at the homepage of the MTA application" 4. Click "Resource" next to "General" 5. Click your map name, that you saved as 6. Click the < button to the right of the maps, with your map 7. Click "Start Game" 8. Enjoy
  10. Well, since I don't know how to script (I would like to though), I'd say as the idea of Custom Plates, sounds cool.
  11. Problem fixed! STEPS 1. Joined local server 2. Tried getting on a server 3. Loaded server correctfully ( I think the issue was just random )
  12. So, I've been having a lot of problems with MTA. I think to get faster help is by creating a "Most Asked Questions" list. DETAILS Location of List: In-Game or on the forums Name: Something to relate to "Most Questions Asked" How to get the questions to put on the list: Just look at the support board Type: Support Feedback?
  13. I'd say Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
  14. No.. lol If I had a bad network I would not be on the internet.... Plus, I just got my network like 3 week ago. But thank you anyways.
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