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  1. VTX

    Server size problems

    We have 1982 DM maps currently. The size is that big, because nearly all of them includes songs in it.
  2. Hey guys! We have a problem with our hosting. Our server takes about 50 GB space, and they want us to reduce it. Normally it would take about 18 GB. Our maps are 10 GB and some songs (NOT with the maps) are 8 GB. We have the zipped maps in the 'mods/deathmatch/resources/gamemodes/[race]/[maps]' folder, so the maps get unzipped in the ''mods/deathmatch/resource-cache/unzipped' folder, and they are copied in the ''mods/deathmatch/resource-cache/http-client-files' folder too. So as you see the 10 GB maps are 30 GB now. I know that we can get off 10 GB by uploading the maps unzipped, in a norma
  3. Works great, thank you!!
  4. Hey guys! This is a part of a spectator script I have: setTimer(function() local specList = {} for k,v in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do local target = getCameraTarget(v) if target and (target ~= v) then if not specList[target] then specList[target] = {} end specList[target][#specList[target]+1] = getPlayerName(v) end end How can I add the team color to the player's name?
  5. VTX

    Bug report.. Please help!

    Ye, it seemed... Unfortunately it came back again. What should I do now? _____________________________________________________________________________ EDIT: An automatic daily server-restart solves the problem.
  6. VTX

    Bug report.. Please help!

    *I started with checking the server.log but I didn't find any related errors. Then I searched for the clientscript.log but I didn't find it. (I did this on FTP, so I guess that's a bit different, or idk...) *After this, when the problem occured I tried to stop each script one-by-one, and did redo at every stopping, but there weren't any changes. *I checked the race script after these, but I didn't find any function what's able to modify a map. *And finally I downloaded the latest stable version. It seems like the update fixed this issue.
  7. VTX

    Bug report.. Please help!

    On my server, fH- IP: It happens to every player. To say a number: on like every 30. map. Approximately.
  8. VTX

    Bug report.. Please help!

    http://i.imgur.com/i4UhYBl.png Please help...
  9. Finally, I mended it!! Here you go: function getAliveGuys() local alivePlayers = 0 for index,player in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do if getElementData(player,"state") == "alive" then alivePlayers = alivePlayers + 1 end end return alivePlayers end function getDeadGuys() local deadPlayers = 0 for index,player in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do if getElementData(player,"state") == "dead" then deadPlayers = deadPlayers + 1 end end return deadPlayers end function giv
  10. Hey! It all started like a week ago, max two. On some maps (mostly ones which are near to the San Andreas map) there are 2 objects appearing randomly on the maps. Here's a pic of HTC vol.6 map as an example: http://i.imgur.com/P7BzQLU.png Another map (FakeDeath v7): http://i.imgur.com/MvFRRe1.png http://i.imgur.com/2N6A5I3.png As you see, there's a clear loop going on, but this object just randomly there. It seems to me that it appears on more and more maps as time goes by. The other object is the half of the green bridge from the docks of Los Santos, but I can't show you a pic of that
  11. bump.. Sorry for double-post, but I really need some help in this. It's kinda irritating that everybody gets the last place at every single round.
  12. Oh, yes.. Forgive my mistake, I was a bit inattentive at the morning and didn't see the difference between the two codes. I have this problem now: http://i.imgur.com/QxoaJWp.png It'd be okay that the player earns nothing if he's alone ot the server, but that -10000000 is kinda scary. Please help...
  13. Sorry, it's my fault, but I don't understand what to do. :\
  14. Something is wrong with this: function getAliveGuys ( mode ) if not mode then return end if mode == 1 then pAlive = { }; for _, player in ipairs ( getElementsByType ( "player" ) ) do if ( getElementData ( player, "state" ) == "alive" ) then table.insert ( pAlive, player ); end end return pAlive; elseif mode == 2 then return #pAlive; elseif mode == 3 then if pAlive then pAlive = nil; end return false end end It says i'm always at the la
  15. Yea, I saw that is pretty similar, and I realized that just one line was added. Thanks to both of you then.
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