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  1. You can do animations on Gimp Nice avatar btw!
  2. deleting editor_dump and editor_test works! Thanks
  3. Alright then, i will try and fix the abseil mod as soon as i get some free time
  4. yEP i have abseil! Wow so all this time it was abseil!! Thanks Solidsnake! What do you suggest? Removing the abseil script or using a script to delete the dead cjs? @MIKI785 Thanks!
  5. I doubt it's the gamemode, anybody has any scripting idea to remove those dead bodies ? How to i delete those elements? These are not players!
  6. Here's screenshots of the problem: http://imgr.us/images/ku262k8pv5yy8omuvlwr.png http://imgr.us/images/gpdkfbp73e6beqeh0f9.png As you can see dead CJs are all over the place near the 0 0 0 map position, i know players spawn at 0 0 0 (under the ground) when they join, and i also know that they fall and reappear at the location of dead CJs. I also made a small modification to the underground point 0 0 -2 to catch players from falling and reappearing there and it works. But the dead CJ skins problem seems irrelevant of this! Does anyone know what causes this and how i can fix it using a sim
  7. Hi guys, I am running a freeroam server. Is there a way to disable the Player Join Leave and Timeout Messages by editing the freeroam resource or maybe another method? I've seen this feature on the Mini Missions server. You might go and take a look if you want. These messages are displayed kinda neatly in the upper right corner of the screen instead of in chat. I tried to go through the freeroam code and check the Events for player quit and none of them displayed these messages using the outputChatbox call.
  8. Yes.. I'm thinking about making this even better with blur effects and droplet traces, hence more realistic droplets as seen as seen in Need for speed.. I have no idea how to make it yet... But soon.. Maybe using shaders or something.. But i never tried implementing shaders and the wiki for shader is really confusing to me Maybe some experienced scripters can suggest something ??
  9. Thanks Robbster I didnt make it open source at first because i wanted to "clean" the code up for an open source release! Cheers! Anyone who wants to contribute make this code better/neater just do it and send me a link to update the resource.
  10. Yes that's why i did it , just remembered the old times with vcmp.. There is 40% transparency in the files.. but you can reduce it even more.. if you want
  11. Current Version: 1.0.1 Download: http://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=5291 Changelog: * Now Open Source! * Modified droplet distribution to v-shape according to player feedback on my server * Added configuration variables in script at the top to be able to customize the droplet size/speed and other behaviour Description: Creates water droplets on screen when rain falls and at sea when using boats. The raindrops are 'animated' and stretch and slide faster along your screen according to your speed. You can test this mod in my server: SS Freero
  12. Jaysds1< As you can see i have already loaded the txd and dff, modloader is not required here.. ZverCR< Yes, maybe, depends on your definition of stolen This topic is Solved, i had to get the original IPL file of Akina to get the position of the object files and create the objects at the same position and rotation as in the file and voila!! Akina Appears!! Seriously people.. Didnt any of you guys know that ?? Or maybe you didnt want to share.. I have a feeling that the Akina mod is kind of taboo here, no one gives clear answers to make people just give up on it, like some kind of consp
  13. They are MTA related.. For example i once tried to create 25 projectiles per second in a script and the game always crashed.. but if i made kind of like 4 projectiles every 5 seconds then its fine.. The meaning of the word Robust i am looking forward to is to make the game prevent crashes from "bad scripts".. I hope it makes more sense now.. And i think a dump is sent to the dev team using the error reporting implementation of mta I always see some asm code in that and i never uncheck that checkbox Maybe i'll try find the script that makes all this trouble and post it here.. Or even try to
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