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  1. Contact the CEO or one of the workers. I'm sure they would be glad to help you out!
  2. Sane-Hosting started off small, but I think it's getting bigger and bigger each day they go on. I do think that you should use Sane-Hosting, it's cheap & reliable. Just my opinion. As you see above, they give out free trial. It's a great thing to do. So, yes.
  3. Lol, when I wrote that... I'm loving MTA...! It's great that we've been strong for years.
  4. Hello, zofskii Have you tried again? Restarting your MTA/computer? (Not sure if your problem has been solved yet!) If you have and you still get this error. Re-download MTA. Good luck, Rockey
  5. When I went to it, it sys that all your ports are closed? Do you know how to open them?
  6. I really don't agree with the up-top comment. I've known both of the owners. They are both good people. Also, aren't the ports.. YOUR job? It's on your computer, if I'm correct, they have no control over it.
  7. I would say yes, after talking with both the Owner and Co-owner.. they are two chill and cool dudes.
  8. Dang, crazy awesome map. Good job, man!
  9. I wouldn't be able to play the game anymore and I doubt anyone would want to really pay. (Some might). Also, great to see MTA growing.
  10. Depends on what you mean... I guess. If someone is donating for the server and you say it's for the server and you go on to buy yourself some new kicks or something, yeah that'd be illegal. But if you say that not ALL the money will be used on the server then I guess not. Hope this helped!
  11. Platinum

    Server not working

    Some reason I came back from school and I attempted to get to the forums (www.acemta.com/forums) and it oddly worked.. Not sure why. So, I tried the server, it worked. Again, not sure why.. Some reason though I get an error after attempting to join a server. I guess not everything can be working, right?
  12. Platinum

    Server not working

    Hello, So I was joining a server that I'm staff at@ Ace:MTA. It first started a few days ago when I couldn't login/couldn't even connect to www.acemta.com/forums. Now, I try to connect to the server.. Nothing worked. So, I contacted a friend who could connect to each. So, I tried my Internet provider and all.. Well, when I connect to the server it loads. Then adds another loading things, which NEVER loads. I DID THE FOLLOWING: - Re-downloaded MTA. (Cleared everything) - Attempted a few things. PICTURES OF IT: AT THIS IMAGE I'M CONNECTING JUST FINE THEN THIS POPS UP. NOT SURE IF IT'S
  13. Cause thats what matters right now.. I like it.
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