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  1. how do I steal the script? and why would I steal them -. - I try to protect my script I do not care of your scripts
  2. sumariello


    Thank you. works
  3. sumariello


    could you explain please? sorry
  4. sumariello


    prejudice. I need help on security. I am creating a map and I would like in this map do not contain zombies. I would like to appear out this map. how should I do?
  5. yes. I tried it with luacgui but now serves more
  6. I urgently need a program that modifies the script file unreadable
  7. I made a house but if I want to do it the same int not me do it
  8. when I try to register me an error: ERROR try again with a different name or password. now you do not understand what you're talking
  9. What should I do with acl?
  10. you who do not understand. talk about the mod registration. I said that from a recording error
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