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  1. Hi, if there are no problems with open ports, it may be related to https://bugs.mtasa.com/view.php?id=9678 Be sure to use the latest build of the linux server.
  2. Try to set "Local Port" to the same as Port Range. That is because you have an external ip and an internal ip. So you can also assign external ip port 666 to internal ip port 999. For the mta-server the ports should be the same
  3. Hi, first of all check the "physical" ping by ping your.servers.ip.address If the result is the same like the ping you get at the game, there may be a problem with your vps hoster.
  4. StifflersMom

    FPS Drops

    Hi, this is no server problem, it's more a client problem, depending on the performance of the client. To be more specific: The CPU and the graphics card.
  5. Hi, I think you are searching for "freeroam", not for "play"
  6. That's depending on your code. If you have a GUI, where you have to put the password in, it will be guiEditSetMasked, as described at the wiki. If you want more details, we have to see the code, especially the part of the password input StifflersMom
  7. You need https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/GuiEditSetMasked StifflersMom
  8. A little bit more on-topic: We are running a mta-server on linux since 2011 and we had all funny memory side effects, even crashes of the 32bit version. Since we have changed to the 64bit version on linux, we are tracking our uptime more than the memory in case of the "49 days uptime bugs" (some of them are fixed but not all, I think). I'm a little statistics freak, so we graph our memory consumtion and player counts of the mta-server process, so just for fun I provide the memory stats and player counts for the last 4 weeks: Player counts: related to memory consumption: The green gra
  9. Fake server : mtasa:// (listed as [Tomy's MTA-SA] multiworld fun server ) Real server : mtasa:// (This is the original listed as [Tomy's MTA-SA] multiworld fun server , I'm the owner since 2011) Thanks.
  10. Really nice job! We enjoy MTA since 2011 now and we hope it will be available for many more years! Special thanks to ccw, sbx320 and Jusonex StifflersMom
  11. I'm really sure, Turkish will be there http://bugs.mtasa.com/view.php?id=8371
  12. You have to be root to use apt-get. If it is your own vps, connect with putty and do the following before usting apt: sudo su
  13. Alternativ: Funktionieren alle anderen Programme? Möglicherweise solltest Du auch mal mit Memtest86 die Hardware (Speicher) prüfen. Manchmal gibt es solche Fehler auch, wenn der PC übertaktet wird.... MfG StifflersMom
  14. StifflersMom

    Help me

    For me and propably others, some things may be not clear enaugh: You talk about the server and how you shutdown it. Are you talking about the server or are you talking about the mta-server process? If you can login as root to your server, the description in posting.php?mode=reply&f=106&t=70736#pr658021 has to work.
  15. StifflersMom

    Help me

    If you are on your mta-server console: quit
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