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  1. Hey Guys, Could someone tell me what laptop can run MTA and fraps at good settings? Below are the settings, I need a good laptop so please tell me the processor etc please. Mta Settings - 1360x768, draw distance - 100%, anti aliasing - x3, Fx quality - Very high, and other settings on high. Fraps Settings - Full size, 50 fps, with timecyc.
  2. Hey Guys, I made a new video, about stealth and my new name etc. Read the description of my new video for more details. Leave a comment if you enjoyed, please subscribe and like =) Also visit my channel if you enjoyed. Greetz, Izzy
  3. Give him a break dude.. he's trying to get some Customers, look at the post dates, even if he doesn't get any Customers, then I guess he should edit his posts.. well, I don't care. Just thought that he wasn't double posting and said something to help him out.
  4. Ah, thank you very much for your help. I did not play MTA that much yesterday but I will check my server out later today. If it works then probably it was a host problem. Thanks bro, if it still doesn't work, I will take your instruction.
  5. Hey, Thanks for the reply. However this does not help me with my problem, its because my Server is hosted by someone. Everthing is up (Panel, Server) but whenever I connect.. I can't download. I have restarted many times too.
  6. Hello guys, I recently am in Canada, London is my hometown, I was working on "joinquit" and when I uploaded it, my download in my Server was 0kb always. It still doesn't download. I uploaded the original joinquit script, then when it said "problem downloading killmessages" I re-uploaded it and then the download in my Server was still 0b.. I can't download my Server files, I'm not sure what to do, can someone please help me? I would really appreciate it.
  7. Stryder


    Thanks mate, nothing is broken I think, just I need to code some parts, I will have a look at it when I can, night mate..
  8. Stryder


    Hello, Thanks for the reply, but the answer to my question couldn't be seen in the link you sent me. It just talks about the Columns in the "Scores" script, where I am talking about the codes, how to modify the kills/deaths amount and how to add a "Alive" to the "Status" .. "Dead" is only there, I am not sure how to add "Alive".. Please help, thanks.
  9. Stryder


    Hello guys, I need a little help with my Server. I have a Stealth Server, Called |TSA| Stealth Clan Server. The problem that i'm having is that actually when I try to script the "scores" script I end up getting lost, I have no idea what to do. So I am asking, does anyone have a Script for "scores" that has "Alive" written on the Scoreboard when the player is "Alive" and 1 Kill instead of 2 when the Client Dies, kills himself? Please guys, I would really appreciate it, and I have no idea what to do. Thanks! Stryder
  10. Dude... First of all, don't you even bother reading? Clearly about 5 times or more Shigawire posted on his Hosting Server Topic that he recently got DDos Attacked and is trying his best to recover, I hope that he is doing fine and is managing it. Just stop making stupid posts and have some patience. I've seen you like 2 or 3 times posting "OMG where's my Server" or "OMG I can't connect to my Server" pfft, Enough is enough dude! People get sick and tired of this crap... this is why no one offers free services, because of stupid people like you. Just stop it.. jesus! everytime I come here I just
  11. Well, Very nice Host, gta-servers.net are a brilliant Host especially when it comes to MTA Hosting! I would recommend this host to any of you people that are looking for a host, Shigawire (Host's Owner) Is a brilliant guy, and helps people most of the time! Servers that are hosted by gta-servers.net are very good, and you shouldn't receive any complaints, lag issues from them! Well done mate, keep up the good work Shigawire! I will look into hosting with this company in the near future, I will check out other hosts and see the differences between them. Good luck and thank you, Stryder aka. I
  12. Damn it mate... My Server had a Packet Loss problem today, I just read here that it got DDos'd .. Damn it, well I wish you good luck in fixing it. If you do close the Free Servers, I am very happy to buy a Server from you I now have a Debit Card.. Well, good luck mate.
  13. Never mind mate, it works.. thanks a lot, and I am sorry for annoying you. If you ever need help, just contact me. Take care mate.
  14. Hey Shigawire, I got a problem with my Server mate.. Whenever I try to connect to my FTP via Filezilla, it doesn't connect. My Server's gamemode is Default now.. and I really want to upload my stuff back on, is it possible for you to go on Skype after 5:30 GMT? We will try to fix this problem. Greetings, Izzy
  15. Still doesn't work mate.. When I click "Start" on the New Server it keeps loading the webpage, with no result. It said that an Admin has been informed. The other Server is terminated, Sorry for any trouble mate.
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