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  1. I have trust in the devs, they'll come up with something ^-^ How about server side pause detection that will trigger "well he's gonna die now"... why not? simple, don't pause and you wont die, pause or alt+tab you die and go back to character selection... or is that just too simple?
  2. blah block alt+tab is over the line how about, even if alt+tabbed out, VC fully runs in the backround
  3. My question is, with MTA:blue, will you still be able too connect a server with All Seeing eye? that is not the ViceCity integrated ASE, but the old way? ps. I know the "you don't need that" part, don't tell me that, I just wanna know is it or is it not possible? =)
  4. Try doing this manually too see if it works, copy the ip, open MTA client and connect from there, if you can do that then there's nothing wrong with your connection, just ASE
  5. Duz it just happen in ASE? that is did the MTA client ever start up?
  6. but duz the game run in single player mode without crashing?
  7. must be 2 too be multi, 1 is single and that just duzn't sound right :>
  8. <-- Joined: 04 Aug 2003 No idea what version we used then Can anyone tell?
  9. I gotta ask you... u sure you're on a server?
  10. well, those stunt server you used to play are not online anymore? must be it
  11. Gussi

    ip adress??

    Pretty long url, also you can try myip.is [/url]
  12. Gussi


    u sure u on a server?
  13. "It will be airing October 10 at 7:30 PM PST" now it's october 11, 11:58 GMT think yur a little too late recording it
  14. ya, it's pretty simple to crack any key/id/whatever these days...
  15. god kazaa no, I don't touch that devils tool... some1 host it or somethin... wait is the show over? I'm god damn lazy, what's 7:30 PST in GMT?
  16. What would be really cool is someone made some mod that you can play in sp with passanger button, so you can just step in and let the AI drive
  17. true, dosen't really matter that much if yur on a 512 og 100mb LAN, it will allways lag a little
  18. Sure A: Synced B: Not Synced C: Synced (not sure ) D: Synced And what the hell do you mean by that?
  19. Gussi

    MTA Bots

    not right now they are... but hey could be some day we wake up and a boat is waiting for us
  20. in your documents folder is "GTA Vice City User Files" here r some save files kept, look there..
  21. I think ppl r not figuring out that they will not fly the hunter, other players will and it's not so dun to be blown up...
  22. God Dammit, how many ppl don't see this?
  23. we have no idea!!! let's wait for THE OFFICIAL rockstarN ppl to say something about that!
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