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  1. For years I've been wondering, what's the point of joining a server, then spamming the server chat with nonsense like "yxxcvbn,ùmlkjhgfdsqazertyuiop^$qaaaaqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqaqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq" (real life example) and quitting fast. Are there any known spam bots disturbing MTA servers and therefore should us server owners start adding captchas to our login/registration panels (provided that a player cannot send chat messages until they've logged in)?
  2. I have this server using AVMES (Advanced Vehicle Mechanics Emulation System). Whether you're just interested in testing AVMES, or love driving cars but you're bored with the default GTA driving mechanics, you might want to check this out. BoR6 is mostly freeroam but you'll also have to work a bit: there are a few free-to-use sample cars but you're going to have to buy most of the modded cars. Have fun! IP:
  3. http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ls&id=7466 DONE
  4. It's so good to see you are already light years ahead of me. It's so sad that my clutch isn't as advanced as yours! The car even sounds so good, that when I tested it, I thought a car drove INTO my house. I had to check there really wasn't a car in my kitchen! I have to say you REALLY deserve that praise you got from those mountain hillbillies you told me about. An "amateur pre-puberty kid" (Or how was it? My English is so crappy, I can't understand everything I read) like me will NEVER be able to create a DESIGN like that! With one .wav, and one script. Keep up the good work while I keep wo
  5. I modified the code to fit my purpose. Though it should look fine, the result is '-1.#IND'. Note that applyDopplerEffectToSound is called by another function called by onClientRender. function setSoundProperty(sound, property, value) if (sound) and (getElementType(sound) == "sound") then local samplerate, tempo, pitch, reversed = getSoundProperties(sound) if (property == "SampleRate") then local success = setSoundProperties(sound, tonumber(value), tempo, pitch, reversed) if (success) then return true end
  6. As far as I know, Virtualbox doesn't support DirectX graphics nor OpenGL.
  7. The point is that I can't figure out how to take advantage of those formulas. The sound element with the vehicle it's attached to, along with the listener (in fact, the camera element) is known. I need help at the point where I have to do those calculations.
  8. I've been having hard time figuring out how to script doppler effect for a sound (element). Can't figure it out myself, so I need help with it. Those are the sources I've been investigating: This and this.
  9. Something for those 'muscle car enthuasists'
  10. I wouldn't start comparing these two (mine and Novadex's) projects yet. Novadex just unveiled the first tasting of his project, while I've been working on mine for almost two years. I'll look forward for more progress.
  11. Is that a reference to my work? Absolutely, yours was truely the best one around when i was looking for them. Would of been so much better if i could make a video of mine to display its features, but my sound card doesnt support what-you-hear recording. Sound was the best part in my opinion. You're talking about a plural, I would be interested to see what else have you seen besides my 'thing', if I may ask?
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