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  1. I really need that to 1.3.1 ver!!
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    Dark screen

  3. TheBite

    Dark screen

    -Ethernet driver site says: 530 login incorrect. -The intel usb 3.0 driver is "failed to install one or more drivers of this device" -my sound is now muted with that driver
  4. TheBite

    Dark screen

  5. TheBite

    Dark screen

    404 - Not Found
  6. TheBite

    Dark screen

    Hey to all, i have a problem, when I'm trying to reset the mta window from minumize to full screen my screen become black for a few seconds then I tryed to play windowed or change the full screen mode to borderless etc but the screen in res 1920x1080 is very dark, then how to fix it?
  7. 1.3.3 isn't out yet (atleast I think it isn't) and the latest fixes in 1.3.2 can be found here. http://nightly.mtasa.com/mtasa-1.3.3-rc ... 130613.exe
  8. Hey, I just installed the mta 1.3.3 and I want to know what's new, fixed bugs etc..
  9. I'm tryed to paste this: in the admintag resource (server.lua) (why i think this resource is the problem) but nothing...
  10. Well, it's not working but when I type /superman (as guest of course) the game chat (not console) says: 2 times per 1 /sperman says: superman and some times says (for two times): Toggle and all with grey color PS: When I type anything in chat, chat says: Say My message The "Say" with grey color
  11. yeah, when i'm going out of a vehicle lights is auto-turning off / working.. PS: Good scipt
  12. I already do it, but nothing, pls, can you give me a tested resource why is very strange? I Want exclude the possibility it may be a problem in my server.
  13. DEFAK not woking :OOOOOOOOOO
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