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  1. this ?? can i find something ????
  2. McDejan24

    ffs script

    hello plss say me where to find this i dont know where to find this ;( plsssss for race
  3. Solidsnake14 can you create plss when you finish race to get money plss no when you rich Hunter in DM in [Race] [Trials] [Run] plss it is so simple but i am no scripter i dont know how to create this plss help me and thank you for this simple script work perfect
  4. McDejan24


    give me your skype or add me dejan.petrov8
  5. McDejan24


    dont work buy next map and money is bugged plss
  6. McDejan24


    ok thank you are you have skype and say me can you help me to fix race user panel plssss
  7. McDejan24


    but plss say me how to create Fake Players
  8. McDejan24


    players no play afk killer can kill players i like only fake players plss
  9. McDejan24


    Solidsnake14 yeahhhhhhh i want make fake playersss yes can you help me plssss
  10. McDejan24


    man i like to create bots in my Race server and bots name to be in scoreboard are you understand me
  11. McDejan24


    Hello All. How to add bots in race server i like only to test bots for race server Bots names to be in Scoreboard Help me plseasee
  12. i dont know how to do that i try 10 times but cant ;( i am no good with this plsss some to help me ;( who can to add in 10 vehicles guns ;(
  13. i know but say me plss how to create this ;( in Inferus how to add ;(
  14. who can say me how to add infernus in garage to chose i create this but weapons is no on infernus plss give me parameters x,z,y this is in i69-vehicles
  15. hahahahhha yesssss i forgot maps tyyyyyyyyyy man ;* i love you so mutch
  16. why mode dont work ?? i add included resources but again dont work
  17. yes this game mod is like FUN but no rocket this have GUN Edit: @Solidsnake14 tyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy you are the bestttttt tyyyyyy i am very thanks on you
  18. yes i have played but dont remamber where i have DEMO VIDEO with this mod ;( plss
  19. McDejan24

    Death Race

    Hello guys i search for Death Race mod for mta but dont find ;( where i can download this mod ??
  20. where to add this ?? i am no good scripte r??
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