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  1. Thanks mate (i agree) ^ Thought I'm downloading a torrent lol. haha its an progress bar no one "funded" yet D:
  2. Its not donating, its helping the owners fund the domain, servers, and otherstuff, to get the server online. Even if the 500 euro goal (which was the minimum on ondiegogo) isnt reached, all the money will be given to me and ill be able to get the server finished faster
  3. It will include more features then this, i yet have to make more ideas, this will be the first scripted, and then i will get some players i know good for an beta test, the donators (on the site i have in the main thread) will get their reward and will get beta access Thank you for your feedback
  4. Hello everyone, I'm here to promote my gamemode, i have made an project of scripting an custom made gamemode, i am going to explain what my ideas are and what they do, If you have any ideas or comments, you should post them You can also help us develop the gamemode by donating to The Aviators and earning great gifts ingame. You can help us fund here : ^ If you would like to. Helpers will get good rewards in-game, read them in the link What is "The Aviators"? The Aviators gamemode is an custom made gamemode, its totally scripted by The Aviators members,
  5. I am sorry for that, please contact me on skype or e-mail me.
  6. I cant host your server, as i see your Dutch, my price is 15 cents per slot, got control panel, and full FTP access, unlimited bandwith, and many more features. ill be contactable via skype : thomashoeky im not on mta forums alot, so please dont pm me as i cant respond quickly
  7. This has been renewed, My hosting company has a totally new custom made panel, with web console (beta)
  8. You can't say much because your "company" sucks at all. Also, hosts ( or servers, whatever you want to call it ) aren't on a domain. Domains are names that point to specific addresses, hosts are the servers which domains points to. My company doesnt suck At all, i host mta Serversnand you get a forum with it Thats what the domain is for
  9. Tomaat

    GUI help!

    Planecarmaker = And Onclientmarkerhit, planecarmaker The P and p are different ^^
  10. Yes it is a free web domain, you get it free with the server, if you want a bought domain, you may buy it yourself, and tel it to me, and set the dns to the dns details i give you
  11. hmm okay, im still trying to find a way to reduce the FPS decreasement, i already deleted the Blip stuff, but it didnt change anything of the FPS, i dont know why the fps decreases
  12. i mean blips can the blips only be removed from the F11 or the Radar only ?
  13. I also got 1 problem, i want the maps on the F11 map/minimap gone, is there a specific name for that?
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