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  1. What to do for my DM map load far? Some parts loads slowly and just when I'm getting closer Any script related to Draw Distance?
  2. Help me again pls the 'votemanager' is still starting with the server, after I removed this line: that was in mtaserver.conf What I need to make it not start?
  3. Ok , in my race_server I canceled the functions --[[addEventHandler('onPlayerJoin', g_Root, function() outputConsole ( 'Race version ' .. getBuildString(), source, 255, 127, 0 ) for _,line in ipairs(Addons.report) do outputConsole ( 'Race addon: ' .. line, source ) end end )]]-- and --[[addEventHandler('onResourceStart', g_ResRoot, function() outputDebugString('Race resource starting') startAddons() end )]]-- As said Anony... btw I found this in meta "#addons" value="race_toptimes,race_traffic_se
  4. when I start the 'race' also automatically start '​​race_traffic_sensor' and 'race_toptimes' race_traffic_sensor I not want to start when I start the race, and I changed the name race_toptimes to JK_toptimes obviously the race tries to find race_toptimes and can not find... how do I change it? Thanks! (and sorry for bad english ><')
  5. Sorry, I don't understand this :z and what element I'll use? I don't know anything about script
  6. Thanks man, but, I don't want command to spawn it, my idea is when start my map, the players spawn with a truck and a trailer attached them
  7. Hey guys Help me pls How I make for a Truck spawn with a Trailer attached? "Petrotr" for example... I know the function attachTrailerToVehicle But, I failed to use it (and I'm noob in Script ) Someone could help me do it? Thanks
  8. In 'Achievements.lua' [2012-09-13 12:05:40] WARNING: Userpanel\Achievements.lua:30: Bad argument @ 'getPlayerName' [Expected element at argument 1, got nil] [2012-09-13 12:05:40] WARNING: Userpanel\Achievements.lua:31: Bad argument @ 'getPlayerAccount' [Expected element at argument 1, got nil] [2012-09-13 12:05:40] WARNING: Userpanel\Achievements.lua:58: Bad argument @ 'getPlayerName' [Expected element at argument 1, got nil] [2012-09-13 12:05:40] WARNING: Userpanel\Achievements.lua:59: Bad argument @ 'getPlayerAccount' [Expected element at argument 1, got nil] [2012-09-13 12:05:40] WARN
  9. addEvent("onMapStarting", true) addEvent("onPlayerDDDMWin",true) IsNewVersion = "1.2" IsDDDMTrue = nil IsRespawn = false Players = getPlayerCount() Ratio = nil function MapStarting(mapInfo, mapOptions, gameOptions) IsRespawn = (tostring(mapOptions["respawn"]) == "timelimit") for id, player in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do local getPlayerAcc = getPlayerAccount ( player ) local getMapsPlayed = getAccountData ( getPlayerAcc, "MapsPlayed" ) local getMapsPlayed2 = tonumber(getMapsPlayed) + 1 setAccountData ( getPlayerAccount(player), "stopg
  10. I don't understand what you need to try identify this problem?
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