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  1. Hi! I downloaded resources from a free website stroage server,but after downloaded ~70kb ,the connection lost,and give crc mismatch,whats the problem ? Thaks for help!
  2. Hi! I made a taxiteleport script, teleport a player to a selected place for money,but i have few errors. When i solo,the script works good,but when players count is >=2 ,then teleport function isn"t work. What"s the error? --client addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart",resourceRoot, function() GUIEditor_Window = {} GUIEditor_TabPanel = {} GUIEditor_Tab = {} GUIEditor_Grid ={} column = {} row ={} GUIEditor_Window[1] = guiCreateWindow(276,179,460,381,"",false) GUIEditor_TabPanel[1] = guiCreateTabPan
  3. Hello, How can i return a table from server to client ? --server function f() return table end addEvent( "f", true ) addEventHandler( "f", getRootElement(), f) --client table =triggerServerEvent("f",getRootElement()) ?
  4. i want refresh the gui text but now ,not changed
  5. thats ok,but i use the variables ind gui, this is client code: local vm ="" local vm2="" local vm3="" local vm4="" local vm5="" local vm6="" function cw() GUIEditor_Window = {} GUIEditor_TabPanel = {} GUIEditor_Tab = {} GUIEditor_Memo = {} GUIEditor_Label = {} GUIEditor_Window[1] = guiCreateWindow(179,118,691,542,"Server ver- 0.1.1",false) GUIEditor_TabPanel[1] = guiCreateTabPanel(17,27,658,506,false,GUIEditor_Window[1]) GUIEditor_Tab[1] = guiCreateTab("Főoldal",GUIEditor_TabPanel[1]) GUIEdi
  6. Sorry for lot of nuub questions, but this is important for me: This is full server code ,and when a new player connecting to server got error, but when i restart the script from adminpanel then working good,but when again joinning a player fail I tried modyfy the event ,but other event also got error How can sync the variables without error ? --full server code(the client codes are good) addEventHandler ( "onResourceStart", resourceRoot, displayLoadedRes ) function refresh() for index, player in ipairs ( getElementsByType ( "player" ) ) do setElementData ( player, "
  7. ok in empty script the first solution is working but when i put in my gamemode then not work
  8. i call the function with simple keybind,and i not changed. but i try now in empty sript
  9. Hi, How can i share a variable from server to client ? i tried this code but fail --serverside local info ="string" function displayLoadedRes ( thePlayer ) setElementData ( thePlayer, "m", info ) end addEventHandler ( "onResourceStart", getRootElement(), displayLoadedRes ) --clientside function xy() outputChatBox ( getElementData( getLocalPlayer(), "m" )) end thx for help
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