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  1. Well I want to make a Hosting Company with someone who can pay with PayPal as I setted up many hosting companies in the past and owned many so I have experience in them. Or, I need a job at a Hosting Company as I possess these skills, - Photoshop Skills - Past Hosting Company Experience - Problem/Error Solving Skills - HTML Skills - Experience with Linux [[ Mainly Ubuntu ]]
  2. waqaarali

    HELP GUI!!

    I want to know how to make shaders in GUI's, a bit like this,
  3. So i need to make the codes seperate?
  4. Sorry man, i am still a learning to script
  5. This is the only client marker hit code i have in client side local lspdMarker = createMarker(1553.77661, -1675.02612, 15.19531,"cylinder",1) function onMarkerEnter() mainGUI = guiCreateWindow(262, 215, 314, 206, "Job System v1.0 By FlowZ", false) guiWindowSetSizable(mainGUI, false) mainMemo = guiCreateMemo(10, 41, 290, 110, "Welcome to Los Santos Police Department v1.0 Job System. This job was created by FlowZ and has been made from scratch it has a lot of features. If you would like to take this job go ahead and hit 'Accept' or if you don't want this job hit 'Decline'.", fa
  6. Well what i am trying to do is solve this problem from yestarday, when i enter a different marker it's meant to do something else seperately but for some reason it is showing another markers GUI but for this marker a 'Gate' opens, help please ;(, local lspdTeam = createTeam ( "San Andreas Police",13,0,255) function setTeam() setPlayerTeam ( source, lspdTeam ) setElementModel ( source, 280 ) giveWeapon ( source, 31, 500 ) giveWeapon ( source, 3, 1 ) giveWeapon ( source, 29, 500 ) end addEvent("lspdTeam",true) addEventHandler("lspdTeam",getRootElement(),setTeam) local gate
  7. Well i have another script but it's seperate i don't want to post it, and when i enter this marker it appears the other markers GUI why ?
  8. Client Side function onMarkerHit() vehicleGUI = guiCreateWindow(314, 215, 160, 211, "", false) guiWindowSetSizable(vehicleGUI, false) vehLabelOne = guiCreateLabel(13, 36, 15, 15, "1.", false, vehicleGUI) vehButtonOne = guiCreateButton(38, 26, 107, 36, "LSPD Vehicle", false, vehicleGUI) vehLabelTwo = guiCreateLabel(13, 86, 15, 15, "2.", false, vehicleGUI) vehButtonTwo = guiCreateButton(38, 76, 107, 36, "LSPD Rancher", false, vehicleGUI) vehLabelThree = guiCreateLabel(13, 138, 15, 15, "3.", false, vehicleGUI) vehButtonThree = guiCreateButton(38, 128, 107, 36, "LSPD Motorbike", f
  9. Well i made 2 markers in seperate script with different functions but when i enter one marker it shows same GUI as the other one, why ?
  10. I want to basically make a login system which allows to register with Firstname_Lastname like roleplay without using a MySQLDatabase
  11. What i would've done would be similar, which is, function close() if source == GUIaizvert then guiSetVisible(raceInformation,false) showCursor(false) end end addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick",getRootElement(),close)
  12. tosfera you mind giving me an example of login-system with xml's ? with
  13. Well i want to learn to script more lol =D
  14. What do you mean built in account system ? A already made MySQL Account System
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