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  1. Okay thanks, for the reply.
  2. I'm working with the pedastrions resource and i want to make two modifications. One. The citizens spawn when the script starts . But can't do cuz' they spawn where you entered the command.. Don't know Two: Want to set their health but did not found the script citizens.lua addCommandHandler("citizen", function(thePlayer, command, gender, skin) local x, y, z = getElementPosition(thePlayer) local int = getElementInterior(thePlayer) local ped if gender and skin then if gender == "male" or gender == "female" then ped = cre
  3. local x = 1 -- it's local variable. (This variable exists only within this file.) So the global variable exists in another files if i create them here? Where else? If i create this one i can use x without setting the value in an other file? Just type x in the other file and it will know that is 1? OFF QUESTION: I can use the mulitple assigment here: x, y = 1, 2 print(x,y) But i can't use here. It's not possible? t = {a, b = 1, 4} print(t.a, t.b)
  4. I see. And the other statements are true anyway? EDIT: Two hours ago i would not have any idea what are you talking about. Now i just understand. It seems i started to learn
  5. I'm just a newcomer, and i'm watching many tutorials on lua.org but i don't understand one thing so far. if it's a local variable: local x = 1 end --this is the end of the variable local x = 2 -- so from now the x is 2? Then where is the end of the global variable? If there is no end of it, how to "destroy it" x = 1 -- how to destroy this? Thanks for any help Nick
  6. Thanks i missed this link. Will check it out now.
  7. I'll never learn this. No way. Browsing the wiki but can't figure it out. No problem i won't give up. Thanks.
  8. There we are. I started it. I want that if the resource starts everyone got a target. You have one target, and this can't be yourself. Then if everyone has a target, and a new player joins he got a target. It doesn't matter that he has the same target that somebody else, but want to limit this number. So 3 men could have the same target. And when somebody kills his target he gots the recently joined new player as a target. I'm stepping into a big task, but i belive that i can make it with help. I like to start things in the middle. So i started learning lua from here. I have this so far: M
  9. It doesn't work. I have a newskin folder in resources in there are one tex foler. It's coontaining the 287.txt and 287.dff And there are two files that you've posted. And if i load it and enter doesn't change it.
  10. I'll try it tomorrow, thank you so much you helped me a lot. I'll post it in here if you don't mind (if it won't work)
  11. Thank you Solidsnake14, it seems, your are my guardian.
  12. In my head i was dreaming about that: You have a target to KILL, and you are a target too. So someone has to kill you too.
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