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    Hello, I'm posting here because I need help, where I put that --Server function getGroupList() local count = {} for ind, data in pairs(groupTable) do if (data[5] == slot) then if (not slot[ind]) then slot[ind] = 0 end slot[ind] = slot[ind] + 1 end for ind2, data2 in pairs(GAC) do if (data2[1] == ind) then if (not count[ind]) then count[ind] = 0 end count[ind] = count[ind] + 1 end end end triggerClientEvent(client, "groupSystem.addGroupList", cl
  2. Hassam


    ahhh, I need another help, I can't take the job with my group handleJobMarkerHit = function(player) local role = getElementData(source,"group") if (getElementType(player) == "player") then if (not exports.groupsys:checkGroupAccess(player, 16)) then return end if (getElementData(player, dataToFindPlayersJob) == role or role == "ALL") then if isPedInVehicle(player) then return end local info= getElementData(source, "info") local skin= getElementData(source, "skins") triggerClientEvent(player, "jobsystem.showJobGUI", root, getElementData(source, "title"), skin,
  3. Hassam


    It's working, thanks a lot
  4. Hassam


    ahh okay, it's like marker[1], marker[2], etc..? Markers= [1] - "BlaBla", [2] - "Bla",
  5. Hassam


    Hello, I need help, the problem is I can't set my job to team (it's only work for Occupation). local job = {} createTheJobs = function() for a,b in ipairs(jobs) do marker = createMarker(b.markerX, b.markerY, b.markerZ, "cylinder", markerSize or 2, b.markerColorR, b.markerColorG, b.markerColorB) blip = createBlipAttachedTo(marker,b.blip) setElementVisibleTo (blip, root, b.alpha) setBlipVisibleDistance(blip, 500) setElementData(marker, "title", b.jobTitle) setElementData(marker, "group", b.group) setElementData(marker, "team", b.team) job[marke
  6. On edit box; For Max: I'll write "10", but will have one error because the max number is "9", not "10" For Min: I'll write "1", but will have another error because the min. number is "2", not "1"
  7. No, it don't work, I want only when I write $100001, will say is invalid, due is more than $100000 and for min: I'll write 48000 and will say it's invalid due is less than $50000
  8. Hello I have one question How I can check the number from editbox(Min and Max)? Example: If I put number 100001, won't accept, but if I put 100000 will accept (Max) Another Example: If I put number 49999, won't accept, but if I put number 50000 will accept (Min)
  9. Hassam

    change numbers

    No, didn't work, now when I put 1, this won't down, I don't know why.... And other thing, I want when arrive to 0 Minutes, set as In Progress Edit: I fixed the script
  10. MyTimerCarshow = setTimer( function () end , (Time*60*1000), 0) local MyMinutes, ExeC, TotC = getTimerDetails (MyTimerCarshow) local MyMinutesCarshow = MyMinutes/1000/60 setTimer( function () if (isTimer(MyTimerCarshow)) then guiSetText(GetTimeInfo, "In Progress") guiLabelSetColor(GetTimeInfo, 215, 255, 0) else guiSetText(GetTimeInfo, math.floor(MyMinutesCarshow).." Minutes") guiLabelSetColor(GetTimeInfo, 0, 255, 0)
  11. I know it but I didn't understand that. I need someone to explain that.
  12. Thanks for helping me Another question, isn't about that, Someone can explain to convert the numbers like that 100000 to 100.000? https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/ConvertNumber I saw that but I didn't understand so much, like I put that. guiSetText(MoneyPrize3Info, print(convertNumber(Prize3))) It's a label.
  13. Hello, I'm here to ask something, I have one script, where I have edit box, but I want put that edit box write only numerics, not anothers lenghts. I like that, but only numbers.
  14. It's great idea, and I can add Armor + health to same management system, thanks for suggest this, I will script this soon
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