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  1. SolidSnake14 would be the best person to contact as he owns this server (I think) Also, could you explain yourself a little bit clearer?
  2. Don't give up! Post your script and I'll have a look at it!
  3. Sure is, the ports won't be the only thing that is open! If not, I'll give you a lighter!
  4. Try burning your PC/Laptop
  5. What I mean is update/delete it in mtaserver.conf and update it in your router settings!
  6. That is what i mean. If I were to type, /givevip Mr.Prestige how would i switch vip = no to vip = true? What would i do?
  7. Yes, like how would i set a certains players vip to true/yes? ---the players vip vip = yes
  8. So, I was wonder how to give something a name? E.G. to explain myself better, vip = yes if vip then code If you know what i mean. How to set something to a player? -Lloyd
  9. Sorry, You just never know these days!
  10. I don't know if this has been said yet but, if it says "unable to load/find module sha", on my XP computer, you had to type loadmodule sha.dll, you know, with the ".dll" part. Just putting that out there. It worked for me. Thanks, it works! Anytime! =D
  11. Wait, you do know that you need to update your IP address right?
  12. There are other ones you could try!
  13. If it's the likes of Valhalla etc. You can edit the starting money in the database!
  14. http://www.simpleportforwarding.com/ You could try that.
  15. I don't know, It may be possible to add a whole new engine, but damn, that'll be hard!
  16. It has to be that when the car hits the marker, it has to be towed in order for it to work (instead of driving the car there it has to be towed!)
  17. vehicle = getVehicleTowingVehicle(yourVehicle) if getElementModel(vehicle) == 525 then --your function end What is meant to be under "yourVehicle"?
  18. How would i check the id of the car is 525?
  19. What i wan't is to check that the vehicle towing towing the bullet is id 525 (the towtruck)?
  20. Hey what is the argument meant to be in if ( getVehicleTowedByVehicle ( ????? ) == bullet ) then if i want it be a towtruck? e.g. towVehicles = { [525]=true } What i mean is the ????? has to be a towtruck (id 525) what do i put in there? EDIT : I TRIED if ( getVehicleTowedByVehicle ( towVehicles[getElementModel ( source )] ) == bullet ) then BUT THAT NEVER WORKED! Thanks Lloyd
  21. Can I ask one more question, Is it possible to tell when the towtruck has picked up a car? So like you have created a car, and you wan't to create the marker when the car has be lifted by the towtruck? -Lloyd
  22. That's exactly what i mean! Thank you.
  23. Hi, So I was wondering how to give something a name, (thats the best way I can describe it!), e.g. missesveh = createVehicle(blah) Then when that vehicle hits the marker (only that vehicle), the vehicle is destroyed e.g. if missesveh then destroyElement(missesveh) addEventHandler("onMarkerHit", completionmarker, etc) how would I do that? Thanks Lloyd
  24. It's alright, considering my reply towards you!
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