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  1. Hello everyone! Message from our team: We would like to thank to MTA community for supporting us for all that amazing years. Also we would like to thank to Exade for this amazing video and Tomba for gathering all videos from past 3 years. At the end one of our player would like to apologize to whole community for all :~s he has done through all those years. daniel#mrx, tomba#mrx and neson#mrx Feel free to use this tag to show support towards our players.
  2. Small Hustlers Crew DD/DM Hello, let me say something about our clan history: The clan was made originally from a guy named SHC//Pitjazz around 6 years ago. The clan was made before [DM] was even a gamemode. It started off as a small clan with just a few members and few players. But as time passed, a new leader was selected when Pitjazz decided to leave the game. He is known by the name Sniper, that time called SHC//Sniper. He was both the leader and the scripter for a couple of years, and when [DM]gamemode was introduced, our with those scripts was among the best in whole MTA. If you played MTA at this time you should already know about the greatness of SHC during that time. Time passed and the clan was unfortunately shut down by Sniper himself, as he went to the now being most popular multigamemode server in MTA; -ffs-. This happened around roughly 2 years ago it all disappeared with scripts and maps. 1 Year passed, and the clan was reopened by Plugin, Banshee and [E]mpty with Sniper’s acceptance. Although Banshee & [E]mpty left pretty quickly, Plugin remained as the leader of the newfounded SHC. We had little scripts, so we made a descision to fuse with UAG|, With MegaDreams as one of the leaders. This way we got a decent stablished server. Months later MegaDreams and the other UAG| members left, and now we have gotten the real and original scripts back from Sniper himself and will kick-ass with our new server! In other words, we are trying to reach higher this time, and we are not planning to give up! We hope you can join and see how our server looks. I can guarantee you will like it! Now i will show you few screens from server and i will write something about them: We have just simple userpanel but usefull. You can select your avatar. The choices is really a lot of avatars. You can fill informations about you. There are short stats. Really short stats . You can compare your stats with your friends. Here are more avatars but this isn't all! Player Commands all commands support wildcard search! So you don't have to write the whole name of your target Player! !cash, !points, !deaths, !characters, !playtime, !ddsplayed, !ddswon, !ddstats, !racesplayed, !raceswon, !racestats !toptimes [player] -- get Player Info !rank [player] - get your/someones rank !st or !stats [player] - show your/someones stats !seen [name] - looks for a player in our database and outputs the date and hour of the last time online !top [value] - display top 3 of [value] [value] = ping, rank, points, cash, ddstats, ddsplayed, ddswon, playtime, huntertime !buy [value] - buys a [value] !buylist - get a list of buyable things (List of buyable things is also at the end of this text) !cost [value] - get the cost of [value] !info [value] - get some info about [value] !roll - roll a random number and win or loose something! !bet [player] [cash] - bets [cash] on a [player] and if your [player] wins the DD/DM you win cash! !unbet - cancel your bet before the bets are closed !bets - show all current placed bets /admins - display a complete list of online Admins, SMods, Mods !donate [player] [cash] - donate [cash] to some [player] (like givecash) Thanks for reading and have fun on our server . Regards SHC leadership.
  3. Dont buy it guys ! This is edited SHC scoreboard. He stealed it.
  4. Hello all I'd like to present my newest map. SONG - Example Won't Go Quietly If you want me to record your map. CONTACT ME! Skype: tomasbogar13 Dont forgot Comment !