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  1. bengines provides custom engine sounds for vehicles. The resource is not focused to be ultra realistic, it is designed to use for casual servers. Not useful for me anymore so sharing with community. Used on old project. Sounds are copyrighted content not owned by me. Features: ready to use, chooses the best engine for vehicle depending on handling! easy to customize & expand for Lua programmers 30 soundpacks for vehicles (buses, bikes, sport cars etc.) stable code with quite high performance used on server with 600 players ALS effect (exhaust f
  2. I've played some Garry's Mod recently and find out that instruments are quite popular there. I thought why not to make one in MTA. Preview video Features: synced piano sounds: every player hears them real grand piano sounds by Keppy Studios (http://kaleidonkep99.altervista.org/kep ... piano.html) sheet preview using CEF from virtualpiano.net downloading sounds (50 MB) in background so you don't have to wait to start playing on server You can customize some options in settings.lua. Download: https://github.com/Brzysiu/playablepiano/ (download on github because community uplo
  3. Have you looked for racer? http://www.racer.nl/ There are some car mods with nice sounds.
  4. Misiek prowadzi własną działalność gospodarczą, więc nie ma żadnych problemów ze skarbówką.
  5. Brawo. Wydawać skradzione skrypty(ktore i tak nawet nie zadzialaja, bo nie ma pliku meta.xml ani plikow serwera) ktore nawet nie sa zgodne z opisem.
  6. I only informs. Edit : They're scared , they deleted website. http://i.imgur.com/8TFxC.png
  7. Hi. I founded another copy of Valhalla Gaming server.. http://revolution-gaming.pl/page/about/ Copied website , and gamemode. Look for this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAjyHQecKhY
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