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    Would Weapon models happen to be part of those de-limiting plans too?
  2. Hello, I own an MTA Server with custom vehicle, weapon, and skin models installed, and I am beginning to get requests for more content on that server, but the more vehicles, skins, and weapons I replace, the more unstable my server becomes. So far, the 2 stability issues I have seen so far are clients crashing on every couple connects, and crashing randomly when spawning vehicles, and I believe the issue gets amplified as I replace more models. Please, I hope the team is working on fixing this issue. Thank you for listening. -SpoonTheMan
  3. Please, can somebody give me a tutorial/instructions on how to create a custom help manager (with grid lists)? I have no idea how to do it and I'm starting to get requests for more features on my MTA Server.
  4. Enb palettes are uncompressed bitmabs (.bmp). The shader panel supports ENB palettes -but you have to compress them to (.png). Open them in raster graphics editor (like gimp, photoshop etc.) and save as .png (try to maintain best quality as possible). You can then replace existing palettes with yours. So I can only replace, not add? Ok, thanks for clearing that up.
  5. How can I add enb palettes? Thanks.
  6. Great, but how do I do that?
  7. When a server has a lot of resources that have help files, the help manager in-game puts them off the screen and the help manager doesn't seem to give you the option to scroll/select those tabs, this may be important to be able to do. My server has a lot of resources with help tabs, so is there a way I can make the disregarded tabs accessible? It'd be a big help, Thanks.
  8. Oh... Well, it's a lot, but here's the list anyway: fx-shader shader_car_paint_reflect shader_car_paint_reflect_lite sahder_depth_of_field shader_dynamic_sky shader_radial_blur Also, I'd like to know if there's a way to fix the antialiasing that the shader_panel resource disables. Sorry if this is a bit much, but whatever someone can help with, thanks for doing so. Edit: If someone can help me fix the antialiasing problem caused by the shader_panel, and help me get the dynamic sky (maybe the fx_shader, but I don't care for it too much) togglable, that's all I need. Thanks.
  9. What code do I put in for any shader to make it toggleable? Thanks.
  10. Extract it. If you leave it zipped, the resource will load in an infinite loop.
  11. I would like to override. But nevermind. I'll just have to have the mods enabled on my server by default. So thanks again.
  12. I tried copying the vehicles.xml to another resource and editing it (it is in the meta file), and it didn't change anything, so is there a way to make that list override the one from the freeroam resource? If so, then that'd be great.
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