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  1. SQL works if it don't find tables. I search a function or a command to send all the server's queries to to DB.
  2. I write that in connection.lua ? How ? I haven't Lua knowledge.
  3. If write your commands, nothing happen.
  4. How use this fonction ?
  5. MTA Server hasn't command to create Table (like MTA: Paradise).
  6. The database is empty. I haven't vG's database
  7. Yes, but my database is empty
  8. It search tables in mysql but I haven't queries ?
  9. Thank you, it works, but it has some errors again.
  10. Ok, I have the same message with the sqlite dll.
  11. A lot of errors appear, but I think, it didn't EDIT: When I close the server, it say: "Closing SQLite3", but the ressource is mysql.
  12. I hide MySQL details and the MySQL connection works on another gamemode.
  13. Nicolasdes

    Set up vG script

    Hello, I've found vG's Sapphire Script and when I launch server.exe, it said (at the end): Some lines of my connection.lua: -- connection settings local hostname = "**HOST**" local username = "** USR **" local password = "**PASS**" local database = "**DB**" local port = 3306 -- global things. local MySQLConnection = nil local resultPool = { } local sqllog = false local countqueries = 0 -- connectToDatabase - Internal function, to spawn a DB connection function connectToDatabase(res) MySQLConnection = mysql_connect(hostname, username, password, database, port)
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