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  1. well maybe i downloaded a custom map from gtainside. i just want to know how to put it into mta?
  2. how do you write a script to use a map from gta sa so it can be used in mta?
  3. from now till 4p.m today we will be recruiting for admins on our server, and any other posistion other than owner
  4. sry heres the ip mtasa://
  5. hi again my clan has our server up again. let me be the first to say sry bout the 300 mb download but its a fast download and worth it theres 4 different drift tracks including mt akina so far about 35-40 real cars and its almost always being updated. we also take requests of what cars you want on the server and at the end of the week whatever cars arent used gets deleted so itll be a community made server. thank you and hope to see you there
  6. we now have about 80 real cars on the server
  7. thank you dude you just helped out the players of my server
  8. i need help on my server. the problem is i need to make it so that the cars from spawn will respawn back at spawn points after a certian amount of time of not being used can someone help me plz. it will make the new players on my server really happy
  9. as of right now theres about 50 real cars in the game. we hope to see you there. and sorry about there not being any cars at the spawn, we are currently trying to fix that, by making cars respwan at the spawn.
  10. heres a video of our server of me displaying a glitch i found
  11. hey this is ghost again my clan has just recently started hosting our own mta server so if you like racing/drifting or real cars come check us out. and sorry for the big download, and were always adding new stuff every week. the ip is mtasa:// by the way its a 24/7 server. hope to see yall there
  12. are u able to replace certain car sounds with others in mta?
  13. just so yall know its a real cars/drifting/custom map server
  14. were looking for new members if ur intrested join our teamspeak to ask questions or if u want to join thank u. our teamspeak ip is if u need teamspeak heres the website were u can download it. http://www.teamspeak3.com/?OKEY=google_its3_teamspeak-s
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