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  1. xdstep

    MTA freezes.

    I have a problem with my mta. When i connect to a server named Mini-Missions. It downloads all the things etc and as soon as im trying to go into a team my mta freezes. It's only happening on this server. Edit: Tried re-installing both gta and mta!
  2. xdstep

    Mta Won't work

  3. xdstep

    Mta Won't work

    Where can i go to check if its not been blocked ?
  4. xdstep

    Mta Won't work

    My mta hasn't been working for some reason. When ever i start it up it does it's normal thing of finding all the servers and stuff but now nothing shows for me i've re-installed mta but still nothing re-installed gta still got nothing pls help
  5. INOVATION is the word i am looking for
  6. xdstep


  7. well all i will say is this is no lie and we are serious and we need a scripter Who would be dedicated to only us
  8. Hi all i guess your here because you saw the 60-80USD well we do need a scripter and yes we will pay that much if u want to help us add me on skype: xdstep Scripter needed for: Roleplay Gamemode
  9. nice double posting skills u got there sir!
  10. are u saying u cant find ur map in map editor? if yes i can help u i kinda easy if ur map isnt missing anything
  11. xdstep

    Save DM

    can you please explain this more are you saying the toptimes in F5 that show?
  12. i dont think anyone will host it for free but you can get a 32slot server for just as little as 5usd
  13. I'm sorry guys my friend has been editing the site abit but he didn't know cekit help me make so I will get on to it as soon as I am back from my vacation
  14. Well cekit help me make it -.- the owner of firezhost
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